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What”™s The Problem With Being Polite?
By Trevor Roberts
Dec 20, 2012 - 7:49:28 PM

UNITED STATES—Why are some people rude?  Is it because they’re having a bad day?  Perhaps, but does that give them the right to take out their frustration on everyone else?  Absolutely not, for someone who has had countless experiences working in the customer service industry, people are a joke sometimes.  There are always those people who just feel entitled to being treated with the utmost service regardless of how rude or inconsiderate they may be to the other person. 


Let’s get something clear.  The customer is not always right.  Some companies go way beyond providing top notch service to people who without a doubt do not deserve it.  Just because you purchase a product or service from a place of business does not mean that company is indebted to you.  I’ve even encountered situations where the employee has attempted to calm and diffuse a heated situation, just to have the “client” continue to be a piece of work.


Not only are you making a complete fool out of yourself by behaving that way, you present yourself as someone who thinks they are better than others and guess what you’re not.  Politeness doesn’t just come with going into the office; it also applies in daily life.  There is nothing wrong with holding a door for a person or assisting someone that you see who needs assistance.  Stop waiting to see if someone else is going to do it; just do it.  It’s a gratifying feeling to know that your act of kindness puts a smile on someone else’s face. 

A primary reason many choose to be rude is the fact that they can.  Some people with money think they’re entitled to behave so.  That’s not true.  Unfortunately the same applies to those of a certain status as some would say.  They frown upon those who they think are below their level. 


Remember in God’s eyes we are all made equal; no one person or group is better than the other.  So for someone to think that it’s ludicrous and disrespectful.  You may be living a better lifestyle than others, but that does not give you the right to frown upon those whose lifestyle falls a bit short. There is no law stating that all people should be polite, however, it’s a rule of common courtesy.  It’s a fact that you treat people the same way that you would like to be treated, but in the world we live in so many people fall short of that ideology. 

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