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Point of View

Who Asked For Your Opinion?
Posted by Trevor Roberts on Aug 2, 2014 - 4:54:22 PM

UNITED STATES—Hey, I’m seeing a new trend in media outlets nowadays, they want to see there readers comment more about issues, but why? Does the opinion of a john doe really impact how someone perceives a story?  No, I don’t believe so. I think its more of a matter to examine just how collectively people in America ‘think’ or ‘feel’ about a particular issue.


Go to almost any website on the World Wide Web and you will find a comments section below that allows readers to have their voice heard. The laughable idea about this is that there seems to be so many people on these message boards trying to infuse hate amongst others. Why? What world do we live in where people think its okay to bash and belittle another person for the simple sake of doing so? It’s like the Internet is this protective shield that everyone uses to say what he or she wants without thinking there are consequences for their actions.

I think I heard it best from Sharon Osbourne, who made some comment this week on her show “The Talk.” It was in response to some viewers who said some nasty comments about host Sheryl Underwood. The ladies had a heated debate about the topic, which led Osbourne asking why there is so much hatred in America.


Why are so many people willing to engage in it? I respected the ladies for not posting the photos of the women who made the nasty comments on air. By the way these comments were posted on the Facebook page of the talk show. I’m all for a person giving their opinion, but the nature of the opinion doesn’t have to be hateful or downright evil spirited. People just indulge in such tomfoolery for no apparent reason, but to get a reaction out of people. I saw this same exhibition on CBS’ “Big Brother 16” this week.


I get it’s a game, but the contestants can be such babies about the stupidest crap. I pray that the producers of the series get it together and began to cast some individuals of a more mature age group into the house to bring a balance. We don’t want to see young 20 year-olds every season. The immature games they play at times are so elementary.

We live in a world where everyone wants to force their opinion onto others.

I feel like media outlets are purposely asking for opinions to incite an argument and for what; to make other people mad? Where in the world is that going to get us in solving an issue? That gets us no where because hate is at the core of the debate. Debate is good, but only when its informative information being discussed: both the pros and cons of a particular issue. Not one or the other. In America, we rarely have debates, we have hate matches. Where two opponents on two opposite sides go at it in the most mean spirited, disgusting manner possible to get their point across. In truth, it’s to make the other party look pathetic or bad on television, in print, on radio or any other media outlet.

There is already too much hate in the world as we speak. Why are we adding onto it, by posting such disheartening comments about issues that so many of us have little clue or education on? Oh, I know it’s that notion that your opinion matters. It does matter, but take into consideration that what you say impacts others, not just you. Don’t say something with the discreet point of eliciting a negative reaction. Think of how what you’re saying is bringing awareness to an issue at hand that you believe should be discussed. If it’s not adding anything, keep that opinion of yours to yourself.


Cliffside Malibu




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