Point of View
By Trevor Roberts
Feb 16, 2013 - 6:58:28 AM

UNITED STATES—Work is something that we all do. We may not have the job of our dreams like others, but no job should be diminished because of the type of work that is done.  There is a problem in our nation though some of us are experiencing a syndrome I’d like to call “workaholics.” 


I remember a phrase a college professor shared with me during my experience at Michigan State University.  “You should work to live, not live to work.”  Why is it that I can’t shake that phrase?  Perhaps it’s my notion of thinking that my life embodies that quote.  It may be hard to fathom, but I’ve gone nearly 18 months without a vacation!  I know its crazy for me to share that with people.


Most people are entitled to vacations in my opinion, if you work a job whether it’s for a company or if you’re self-employed you’re entitled to time off.  If you don’t take time off you simply burn yourself out.  The bad thing about burning yourself out is once it happens it takes quite some time to recover and I’m not talking about a week or two.  When you mentally fry your brain it does not recover over night.


Some of us work because we want a distraction from all of the other chaos that is happening in our lives, but those distractions never disappear, they just stay on the backburner. For others we work so much because we have no other choice. We’re drowning in debt, we’re doing everything in our power to stay afloat and no matter what we do we can’t seem to get ahead.  I would say I fall into the second category and its not that I’m not good with money, it’s the fact that I continue to place other people’s needs in front of my own needs.  And it must stop because when you work a job day in and day out it begins to cause you to lash out at people. 


It may not be your intention, but some people just don’t get it.  Why is it not ok for someone to come home from a long day’s work and not want to do something?  I guess because while some people work 8-10 hour shifts like you, they may not actually be doing any work.  Sounds like a lot of people that I know, in my defense, when I work I work, a break is the last thing that crosses my mind.  My focus is to make money and to get myself out of debt. 

Take it from me when you’ve juggled between 2-3 jobs for at least six years while being a full-time student it’s a lot for one person to deal with, now add on the fact that you are taking care of an ill parent and the stress load adds up.  Here’s my message to most of America, as we’re all performing some sort of work day in and day out, don’t be AFRAID to take a break.  You’re entitled to it.  Spend time with your family, spend time away from your family, dabble into your favorite hobby; do something that makes you happy.  The work is always going to be there so there’s no harm in taking a little bit of time for yourself, after all you deserve it.


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