Catholic Guilt
By Jessica MacGilvray
Apr 3, 2011 - 11:59:21 AM

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Back when the Catholic Church was supporting Liberation Theology in Central and South America and debt forgiveness in the third world, I had high hopes that the Catholic Church had turned a corner from the bad old days of the Inquisition and institutionalized prejudice against left-handed and deaf people. I was hopeful that their initiatives to support the poor and help needy people would help the whole world and really make up for some of the rotten crimes they have perpetrated on humanity in the past.

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Well, I was evidently mistaken. George Carlin used to refer to the leadership of the Catholic Church as "sex-obsessed pedophile men in dresses," and times have evidently not changed. The Church is against sex outside marriage. They are also against marrying people who love each other unless one of them is a man and one is a woman. Well, I am sorry but people have always had sex outside of marriage and that will not change. Some men have always been attracted to men and some women have always been attracted to women and that will not change. Advocating punishment for people who behave according to the nature that God gave them is nothing new for the Catholic Church. However, there is an added dimension to this today.

Archbishop Silvano M. Tomasi not only spoke out against the recognition of the rights of all people as equals under the law without consideration of their sexual or gender identifications, he also complained about the vilification of people who stand up for prejudice and discrimination.

"When they express their moral beliefs or beliefs about human nature, which may also be expressions of religious convictions, or state opinions about scientific claims, they are stigmatized, and worse ”“ they are vilified, and prosecuted. The truth is, these attacks are violations of fundamental human rights, and cannot be justified under any circumstances," Archbishop Tomasi said to the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva.

It was not very long ago that a substantial majority of Christians (including Catholics) thought that interracial marriage was contrary to God's Law and refused to marry people of different racial backgrounds. Today, when some bigot begins making racist comments, people object. I call this progress. People are beginning to object to bigotry against LGBTQ people: more progress. Once again, the Church is standing foursquare in the path of progress, just like when they imprisoned Galileo for teaching Copernican theory.

Apologists for this policy suggest that the Church is merely trying to denounce something that leads naturally to marriage equality. The UN declaration was about equal justice for all under law. Do they really want to propose that justice for all and equality for all under the law is against the teachings of Christ? Or is it just their admission that their teachings are contrary to the teachings of Christ?

Archbishop Tomasi also brought up pedophilia and incest as examples of sexual conduct not condoned under law...now isn't that the pot calling the kettle black? This is an old trick. Bring in some unrelated things that people are rationally against to support an irrational fear of something else. When your argument sinks to this level, you're ethically bankrupt.

So, I have another reason for being ashamed of being Catholic. I wish it were otherwise, but such is the nature of Catholic guilt. I wish the Church leadership would wake up and learn some simple, basic lessons such as:

        you can't be pro-life and pro-war

  • there is really no good kind of prejudice
  • intolerance is always bad for people
  • there is nothing wrong with people who disagree with you
  • there is everything wrong with advocating that people lose their right to disagree with you

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