CES And Other Holiday Happenings
By Judith A Rogow
Jan 1, 2004 - 1:03:00 PM

Photo by Richard Hormaza
LOS ANGELES—I received this from JH, a favorite PR person, and feel it perfectly sums up my holiday:

"Greetings and Happy Holidays to all - the inevitable request for CES interviews (a holiday tradition most of you would prefer to consign to the darkest depths of Hades, I'm sure) is upon us all. While this is a contribution to said torment, I hope you will find this request worthy of
potential consideration . . ."

Between the incredible offers of free shipping, 20 percent off orders over $100, extras in every virtual shopping, reminders that "there are only X days left to buy the perfect present" and the usual spate of Santa jokes, I'm being inundated with CES notices.

As per usual, there's more to see than can be crammed into a week, and we'll be on the run from Monday through Sunday.

Tuesday begins the Press events with the Innovations Press Reception, where we get first looks at the products you will be buying in the coming years.

Wednesday "Press Day" we're booked from an early morning breakfast until sometime in the evening when we head back to the suite to crash.

My list of "must-see" products has grown to immense proportions; interviews are scheduled with a vast variety of PR people, company CEOs and others, while virtually every meal and evening is scheduled. For a brief idea of the press conferences, click on

and imagine how frazzled two people can get trying to cover as much as possible.

Evenings are even more hectic. On Thursday we are expected to make an appearance at no fewer than six events, two of which are at opposite ends of the city. Of course, they are scheduled at shift change time, and Vegas will be wall-to-wall traffic. Friday brings several press receptions and, if we manage to survive, a Carlos Santana concert. Other headliners during the course of the Convention include Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Ziggy Marley, LeAnn Rimes, and HP's Carly Fiorina. Saturday is more of the same, although we'll probably skip the late gigs in favor of a good night's sleep before heading home.

Among the products and innovations I'm interested in viewing are a system that turns the walls of a room into speakers, the latest in digital photography, and the newest advances in DVD-RW.

Naturally, I'll be looking at any computer based products. My colleague will cover high-end audio and security systems as well as cameras and health products.

My new Palm Tungsten is getting a workout with the schedule; this will be a good test of its capabilities and the power of its battery. Speaking of which, I've decided that palms are the grown-up's version of a Barbie Doll. With the new unit, I needed a new case, new programs, extra expansion cards, a new charger and Hot Sync cable, and I suspect the list will go on and on.

Here's hoping your New Year will be happy, healthy, and prosperous.

Next, CES, all the news and what you can expect to see in the stores by next holiday season.

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