Go Online For Fun And Freebies
By Judith A Rogow
Oct 1, 2003 - 2:42:00 PM

LOS ANGELESThere are so many things available that make life easier and it's nice to find them for free. Case in point, those sticky notes you use to keep your place in a book, remind yourself about appointments, and make shopping or errand lists. Haven't you wished you could affix one to an Internet site or an email? Now you can just go to the 3M site and download the free program. It allows you to "stick" notes on a site or email, to set alarms to remind you to check something and even offers color coding.

If free samples are your thing, try, Style for Free, Cool Savings, Hot Coupons and Free Stuff Many of these require a membership, and then send you coupons for your area. You simply print out the ones you can use, a considerable saving in time and money.

Free shipping and percent off codes are found at Flamingo World, Current Codes, Funtasia, and Tops Media

If you're tired of pop up ads, and who isn't, one of the best tools for stopping them is the Google toolbar. Once installed, a simple matter of going to the site and downloading the bar not only brings an efficient ad stopper but form filler. This alone can save you hours in filling out those pesky address/email address requests.

Other free pop-up stoppers may be found at Web Attack,a site that offers many freeware and shareware programs from utilities and graphics to Pocket PC and PDA games. If you can't find what you're looking for there, a simple search asking for free pop up stoppers will bring up dozens of sites.

For those who enjoy online games, MSN's The Zone has both single and multi-player games for all ages. At Virtual Vegas you'll play to win "icoins", which you may redeem for chances at a wide variety of prizes ranging from cash to toys.

If you're really into winning, and not easily frustrated, On-line Sweepstakes will reel you in like a 12-pound bass. They have a clever little macro called "Robo Form" that will fill in most (and usually all) of the requested information, just be sure you have a Yahoo or other free email address so your main mailbox doesn't get filled up with unwanted email. An excellent free email address, with 15 mbs of storage, filter, and many other extras may be found at

Why all the interest in fun and free things? The trade show season starts next month, so this month I'm going to spend some time relaxing. That said, next month's article will be about plans for Comdex 2003 and CES 2004.

On a somewhat personal note, October is Lupus Awareness month, please access the Lupus Foundation's site and learn about this disease that affects so many of us.


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