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Topanga Days Festival Unifies Community
By Kristina Levsky
Jun 4, 2004 - 7:55:00 PM

TOPANGA CANYON—Nestled in the depths of Topanga Canyon, atop a tree covered hill sits the Topanga Community Club, where local residents gather once a year to enjoy a festival of unity.


Now in its 31st year, Topanga Days Country Fair celebrates Memorial Day with a three day festival, honoring the brave who have passed and celebrating a community that stands together. Local bands play love-induced reggae, while children play with hula hoops and the canyon's indigenous hippies dance in the sun. Here, one can find blown glass pieces, hand-woven bags and sandals, eccentric jewelry and retrospective paintings of the community, from more than 75 vendors and artists.


Over 10,000 people visit Topanga Days to relax, explore, eat, dance, reconnect with neighbors, make new friends and raise money for a Community Club that is a pinnacle of unity and family values.


On Memorial Day, a parade traveled through the canyon commemorating the men and women who have fought for our country. It displayed floats falling in line with this year's theme, "Living In Harmony With Nature," a fitting motif for the residents of Topanga.

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