Silly...But Wise!
Silly...But Wise!
By Silly Tarver
Aug 1, 2003 - 10:55:00 AM

Q: Dear Silly ~
I go running with my master every morning. He gets all wet and smelly. What's that about?

Signed, Dry As A Bone & Hey Can I Have One? (Venice)

A: Dear Bone Dry ~
People sweat. It cools their bodies off when they overheat. I don't know what's more confusing --- that occurrence, or the fact that they ENJOY bathing afterward. FYI: Dogs and cats (and many other animals, including myself) don't have sweat glands. We can dispel heat only by panting, and through the pads of our feet. That's why humans should be sure we always have plenty of cool water and shade during hot weather!

Q: Dear Silly ~
What are fireworks? They scared us!!!
Signed ~ The Peterson Pooches (Benedict Canyon)

A: Dear Peterson Pets ~
Fireworks are really noisy things that make pretty colors in the sky. Nothing I say will make this seem logical, but people are often fascinated with them. Fortunately, we only have to endure this preoccupation about once per year. Always try to stay indoors when fireworks are being set off. For the record, this is probably a forgivable time for you to pee on the carpet and get away with it.

Q: Dear Silly ~
My pop has had three other cats before me. He named us Lightbulb, Pudding, Katie, and my name is Wax. This makes me wonder what the heck he is thinking. If you could pick a name for a man, what do you think you might decide to call him?
Signed, Wax (Melrose)

A: Dear Wax With Whiskers ~
I'd name him Noah.

Q: Dear Silly ~
I like to bite myself. So what. There are worse things I could be doing. Why does this little habit make my owner crazy? I don't like being screamed at or being subjected to unnecessary flea dips.
Signed ~ Dipped To Death Doberman (Sherman Oaks)

A: Dear Dipped ~
Lots of folks don't know that one reason dogs bite at themselves is psychological --- it's boredom. To my human readers: Create a more interesting environment, and give your doggies lots of exercise and attention (and safe toys to play with) and they might stop that biting habit. Rule of thumb, people: If your life bores you, then it probably bores your pet also! (Of course, in the case of constant biting potential causes like fleas, allergic conditions, and injuries should always be ruled out.)

Q: Dear Silly ~
I need your help. I live with my grandparents (the human ones, Dave and Gloria). I get the feeling they are competing for my attention and love. I am constantly trying to reassure them - a special kiss, fast wags of my tail, etc. It's hard work. What do you suggest I do?
Signed, Bear Johnson

A: Dear Bear ~
Grandparents exist to spoil. While there are conniving techniques to systematically "play one against the other" and get the MOST you can get from them, these are usually "tricks" that human children and human grandchildren do. My advice is just let your grandparents love you, exactly as they do, and always remember you are un"Bear"ably lucky.

Photo By Richard Hormaza

Q: Dear Silly ~
Why do us pigeons, of all colors, have red feet?
Signed ~ Midge, the Pigeon (Los Angeles)

A: Dear Pigeon-toed ~
You've stumped me here. And since there aren't any accredited pigeon podiatrists, I suspect that this may remain one of the excessively pondered mysteries of the universe!

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