Silly...But Wise!
Silly...But Wise!
By Silly (Yes...a rabbit!)
Sep 1, 2003 - 4:17:00 AM

Silly...But Wise!

(Advice from an Articulate Angora)


Q: Dear Silly ~
Humans seem enchanted by my antics, but when I play with a piece of yarn, or a paper bag, or a shadow on the floor, the dog looks at me very condescendingly --- as if I am mentally unbalanced. I think he has narcolepsy. Which one of us is normal?

Signed, Tabby (West Los Angeles)

A: Dear Tab With The Gift of Gab ~
Cats are better than dogs at amusing themselves indoors and you don't get bored as easily, it's true. Both dogs and cats spend a lot of time sleeping, and can happily doze away most of a day! Both of you sound pretty normal, just different. And that's okay.

Q: Dear Silly ~
I'm an 8-month-old Shepherd puppy. It looked like some fun, so I recently chased a skunk. Need I say more?

Signed ~ Peppy (Hollywood Hills)

A: Dear Pungent Peppy ~
You stink. (It's temporary, and there's no permanent damage.) Skunk spray is basically a degradation of urine. It's stored in anal sacs and released whenever the skunk feels threatened.
They can spray an enemy up to 16 feet away. (Very accurately for the first 10 feet, as you know!) By now, your owner has certainly checked with the veterinarian and local pet stores for deodorizing techniques and if you've been pawing at your eyes --- I hope they were flushed with cool water. The eye-burning and nausea will go away soon. That smell will be a longer-lasting souvenir!

Q: Dear Silly ~
I've learned that I'm a scary pet, a tarantula. I live in an aquarium in Dan's dorm room at UCLA. His friends stare at me rudely. Ironically, some of them want to hold me. Although I'm alone in my glass tank, I don't feel "lonely" and am not thrilled about being handled. Since
they  insist, can you give them some pointers?

Signed ~ Mister Spider (Westwood)

A: Dear M.S. ~
Hopefully Dan is not majoring in a creative field, since he drew such a blank at coming up with a name for you. But thanks for your letter. People should know that the best advice is to not to try to handle pet tarantulas. You have large fangs and it will definitely hurt if you bite somebody. Although your venom is similar in strength to a bee sting (and not considered "dangerous" to mankind) many people are allergic to venoms. In such a case, even a bee sting can kill. I guess I should mention --- since they insist on it --- that letting you walk on an open hand is the smartest thing. No one should put you close to their face or eyes. Well, college students, duh!

Q: Hola Senorita Silly ~
I'm a bi-lingual beauty --- a Mexican red-headed Amazon parrot. I have a wonderful life and get a lot of attention. My owner is 40 and I am 12.  Since my life span is 80+ years, what happens when I outlive him? Can you help me find out if I'm in the will?

Signed ~ Tortilla (Brentwood)

A: Dear Tortilla ~
Your breed is a good talker, you'll have to talk to him about this! Most people have given thought to setting up trusts for their human children in the event of their deaths --- and many people are becoming more conscientious about making sure their pets are provided for too. It is legal to name an animal as a beneficiary, and set aside some money for them. Obviously, somebody must also be appointed as caretaker for you. This used to be considered wacky. But according to Lawyer's Weekly, pet trusts are catching on from coast-to-coast! And I add ... why not?

Q: Dear Silly ~
I have a nice yard. But I like to jump over the fence sometimes. My owner, Rebecca, is great to me and I love her. However, I confess that I am seeing a bitch down the street. Is this such a bad thing?

Signed, Wolfie (Laurel Canyon)

A: Dear Hound ~
No doubt Rebecca is worried about you when you run away. I assume you always come back --- but something unexpected could happen and you could get hurt. Now that we know you are "breaking out to do some making out" she should really take you and have you neutered. Plus, it's simply the responsible thing to do, regardless.

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