Silly...But Wise!
Silly...But Wise!
By Silly (Yes, a rabbit!)
Oct 1, 2003 - 4:40:00 AM

Silly...But Wise!

(Advice From An Articulate Angora)

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Q: Dear Silly ~
I'm a ferret with a happy family. Although my hair color is the same as the other two children, I can't help but notice that the four people in my family don't look much like me otherwise! Shouldn't there be a greater resemblance? I am starting to think that I'm adopted. Could you help me find out? Thanks!

Signed, Peanut (Los Angeles)

A: Dear Peanut Pondering Paternity ~
Your biological family (are not rodents, as some people believe) are indeed members of a zoological family called Mustelidae. You're classified somewhere between dogs and cats --- with emphasis on the dog. Your biological first cousins are the weasel and polecat. Your second cousin is a skunk. But do not dismay, I can't think of any greater way to be added to a family than being adopted. It means, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are not an accident. You were chosen!

Q: Dear Silly ~
I'm a Balinese cat who loves to sit in "my" bay window and look out at the world! Everyday I see doggies going on walks.They sniff their paths enthusiastically -- and seem to delight in urinating two little drops in a hundred different places. I'm litter box trained. What's going on with them?

Signed ~ Ollie (Beverly Hills)

A: Dear Observant Ollie ~
Doggies communicate with one another by sniffing and they immediately know when each other has been there this way. Essentially, they are sending (and checking) their pee-mail!

Q: Dear Silly ~
I heard my owners and the kids in our family discussing that they have written to you twice for advice, but you have never selected their letter for your column. So I am writing to ask you if it's because they are humans? They are sad to be excluded.

Signed Pickle, the Beagle (Hollywood Hills)

A: Dear Pickle ~
You're an eloquent spokespet for your family. But your point is valid, and I guess I have been guilty of MHBD (Misdemeanor Human-Being Discrimination.) Most people are wonderful to us -- so this is wrong of me. Therefore I'm mending my one-sided wascally ways and "beginning in the new year 2004" I will also accept any pet-related questions sent from the human species! Pickle, I have noted your e-mail address -- and you can reassure your two-legged relatives that their letter will be featured in my January column. Thanks (everyone at your home) for writing to me!

Q: Dear Silly ~
Our huge iron cage sits in a comfy corner of our owner's bedroom and we sing for her every morning when she uncovers it! Plus, each morning she goes into her master bathroom and sings back to us while moving around beneath a spray of water. Although we've always been provided with a water-filled "bath" in our cage, we want to try this shower technique sometimes too! Can you please tell her it's okay?

Signed ~ Michelle's Canaries (Pacific Palisades)

A: Dear Canaries ~
Sure, I'll tell her (and others). It's true! Your birds might prefer variety -- to take a shower instead of a bath -- for a change. Indulge them! Use a spray bottle filled with lukewarm water. Be certain the bottle has not previously contained any chemical substances, okay? Then spray a fine mist at the birdies. If they fly away, it's a hint that they dislike it. If they stay and shake their feathers -- it means they're loving this experience!

Q: Dear Silly ~
I'm a hamster. Last week, I was temporarily taken out of Timmie's room while it was being painted. My cage was placed in another room in the house. While I was there I saw Timmie's dad come in and begin running on a treadmill. I have a running wheel in my cage too. So we did it together. It made me feel like we bonded. Do you think he felt it too?

Signed ~ Cottonball (Westwood)

A: Dear Cardio Cottonball ~
Your warm and fuzzy experience with Timmie's pop probably went unnoticed by him, I'm sorry to say. But this is a great reminder for folks: All pets love to do whatever it is that their people love to do. (If you like to stand in the rain, then we do too!) We just want to be close to you -- and loved by you. So, remember to include us in lots of your activities (as long as it's safe for us to be there with you).

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