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Clear It Out
By Kelly Carroll
Mar 30, 2008 - 5:01:56 PM

Clear It Out 

Sometimes we get a strong urge to have the area we are in cleaned out.  We wish we could just do a big cleaning spree and have everything fresh and renewed.  This urge comes from the inner urge to clear out what is no longer needed and what is ready to go.  Doing this always makes room for the new to come into our lives.  We let go of what no longer is needed and the fresh new creations will come forward.


When we hold on to things that are no longer needed, that is the feeling of clutter.  Too much stuff hanging around that makes us feel uncomfortable.  That’s when it is time to clean some areas out.  The same thing can happen with people.  When you hang on to friends that are no longer meshing with who you are, it becomes uncomfortable.  What used to feel cozy can now just feel smothering.  It is a sure sign that something needs to change.  You can change the relationship itself.  You do not always need to let the person go, just adjust the way you are relating to each other.  You can ask your deepest self to guide you into what is right when you feel a relationship is not clicking the way it used to.  It will either be time to clear it up or clear it out to make room for the new.  Ask to find clear answers and you will.

As a symbol for clearing out what is ready to go in your life, clean up your house, a room, or your desk space.  Do so with the intention that with this cleaning and clearing you are making room for something new and wonderful to show up just for you.  You don’t have to know what that is, or you can be very specific.  Just ask, and then clear out what is ready to go.  You will feel fresh and be making room for fresh new ideas, energy and forms to come into your life.

Kelly Carroll provides universal principles for true success in her consultations with creative artists and those who aspire to the best of life.  She is a lyricist, and the founder of The Creativity & Inspiration Experience.  Kelly is currently completing two books filled with principles for living your talents and success at the next level. Contact Kelly: kelly@canyon-news.comor call 360 739 8628.  


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