Spirit & Creativity
Easy and Powerful
By Kelly Carroll
Apr 13, 2008 - 7:59:47 AM

Do you ever feel like you are trying too hard?  There are principles to show you how to have the life that you want, and sometimes it feels great just to let life happen.  Sometimes taking it easy is powerful.  This week’s Spirit & Creativity article is filled with ease and power.  Short and sweet ”“ take a look at these words and phrases, see which one calls to you.  Decide if there is something on the list you would like to see more of in your life.  If so, just think upon the word or phrase during the next week, and ask your Self to show you a sign that it is increasing in your life.



Easy and Powerful.

Less effort, more results.

Joy for no reason.

Joyful circumstances.


Sharing ”“ Giving and Receiving.

Allowing yourself to receive.

Letting great things happen.

Letting what is happening now be okay (for the moment).

Changing into more of your true self.



Living life fully.

Having it.

True desires.

People I love.

Giving the most to my self.

Enjoying my experience.



All is well.

Letting health happen for me.

Choosing with power.


Easy and Powerful.

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