Spirit & Creativity
Principles of Business Success
By Kelly Carroll
Jun 29, 2008 - 4:58:52 AM

A business is a dream that someone had before they took the steps to have it become a reality.  The Universal principles that apply to successful living will also put any business in the position to have thriving success.  Here are some tips to inspire your business.


You are the energy of your success.   You are the energy of success if you are the owner of a business, or a manager of a department or a person at a desk.  The vision and momentum you contain and bring to what you are doing is what will guide the outcome.


Pour your belief into what you are doing.  As a manager, believe there are ways to direct the flow of your people that will increase prosperity.  As a business owner, believe in your product and what you are giving out to people.


Know your value.  Your product is valuable.  If you are in entertainment, what you are giving out as a final product allows people to feel excited, happy and have fun.  That is very valuable; recognize that.  If your store sells fun, girly stuff”¬¶that is a value to the customers who love it.  If you are putting out information, or a service, know and acknowledge the value of what it is you are giving out to others.  The more you recognize the value, the more others will, too.


Make change as it is needed.  Making too many changes can lead to chaos.  Sometimes it is wise to move around the components that you already have.  Sometimes it is the right time to let go of people, projects or ideas to make room for what is next.  Take the time to get quiet and decide if change is required.  When you know that it is time, take the steps to let new energy and ideas come forward.

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