Spirit & Creativity
The Thoughts You Keep
By Kelly Carroll
Apr 6, 2008 - 9:33:00 AM

Thoughts are containers for power.  The thoughts that you repeatedly hold in your consciousness become the forms that your life will tend to take.  Thoughts can guide your feelings; thoughts can change the course of your day”¦and the course of your life.


Here are some thoughts on thoughts:


The thoughts that come to you do not have to be the thoughts you keep.  If you think thoughts that are upsetting you can just notice those and then let them go.  You do not have to believe in them, keep them close, allow them to multiply, let them make you feel sad, let them make you take action, or let them do anything.  They are thoughts ”“ you are more than your thoughts”¦think about the thoughts you keep.


Even if you never thought you could do something ”“ doesn’t mean you can’t do it.  Even if you never thought you could have something ”“ doesn’t mean you can’t have it.  What you think is a choice, it is fluid, not set in stone”¦Change what you think.  You can have something new, even if you never thought you could.


Thoughts to support what you really want are available.  You can empower your new choices with thoughts that make you feel good, with thoughts that tell you that you can have what you want.  Water the garden of what you want with thoughts that help it grow.  Then let go and let it happen.


Some thoughts to keep:


I am unlimited.  Human beings have power and ability to change their circumstances with their thoughts.  I am unlimited.


I let go of all that does not serve me now.  What I chose before may have helped me in some way, I now choose fresh.  I now choose this ____________.


I am wonderful.  I am filled with the wonder of life and I choose to express this wonder to my self and others every day.  I allow life to be filled with wonder.


I am able to change how I think about my self or anything else.  Thoughts are powerful and I am able to change my thoughts, and my life, in magnificent ways.


I continue to water the garden of what I want.


Kelly Carroll provides universal principles for true success in her consultations with creative artists and those who aspire to the best of life.  She is a lyricist, and the founder of The Creativity & Inspiration Experience.  Kelly is currently completing two books filled with principles for living your talents and success at the next level. Contact Kelly: kelly@canyon-news.comor call 360 739 8628.

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