Spirit & Creativity
Value and Worth
By Kelly Carroll
May 11, 2008 - 8:11:57 AM

It is time to remember how valuable you are.  It is a part of who you are to know that you are unconditionally priceless.  You are a diamond, even when you feel like a diamond in the rough.  You are exquisite and multi-talented and multi-dimensional.  Who you are showing up as right now is by no means all that you have and all that you are.


You have worth that goes beyond even that definition.  What is worth when it is so much love and value that you don’t even question it?  Priceless simply by being.


How come we don’t always feel like the magnificent beautiful beings that we truly are?  Because we are here, living in a way that shows us everything else.  When we choose to look at our beauty, it will show up and we will see it.  It is always there and as soon as we ask it begins to show itself.  When we choose to look at the magic we have and ask that to sparkle all around us, it will.  What we focus on will show up for us.  We just have to keep looking in that direction.


So many people feel how they feel about themselves based on what is happening around them, or what they have always heard truth is, or what people say about them.  That is one choice.  Truth is not only what you have heard truth is.  Truth is much larger than what you have heard about you from others.  There is a time when we begin to know this and begin asking to be shown.  That is when the choices about what we think and how we feel can be chosen from a larger field.


For now, listen to this ”“ you are valuable, priceless and amazing.  You are multi-talented.  You can do something in your life that you have never done before and you can do it to its fullest success.  What do you really want?

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