Spirit & Creativity
What Do You Expect?
By Kelly Carroll
Jul 13, 2008 - 10:46:17 AM

As we change our thinking, our world changes. What we experience is a reflection of what we are holding in our thoughts, feelings and inner life.  We can change our thoughts to experience even more of what we truly desire to experience.


Although it can be helpful to look at our life and explore why we started thinking in a certain way, that does not actually change the thoughts that are going out from us.  We may be aware that we have been hurt in childhood, and we may ponder that quite a bit, but thinking about all that is not changing the thoughts that go out and create our experience ”“ it is just thinking more about what we don’t want. Many people have a deep understanding of their problems. That is good, yet only part of the story.  It is not enough to know what, or to know why; that is all valuable but it isn’t the step that allows the new experience.  For example, you can know that a tire is flat (the what), you can know that you ran over a nail (the why), but in all that knowing there is still no change of the tire, not yet.  Change is change. You move into the different, new way. You move past what you were doing into what you are now doing.

It is the same with thinking and changing our life into more of what we want to have. Think about what you want to have. That is making change. Forget the old story. Forget why and how it happened and move into thinking about what you want now. That is changing the tire. That will create the new that you desire.

Some old habits of thought may be strong and repeat themselves like a pattern or habit that is very common for you. It is the story you have told yourself again and again. That creates an expectation. You expect on a very deep and often hidden level that what has happened will continue to happen in the same way. That is not truth. It is not true that just because something has gone a certain way for a very long time, or even what seems like forever, that it has to be that way. You contain the power to change your experience of life, no matter how it seems, and no matter how long something has been one way. It is unlimited. It can change. You can look inside at what you are expecting in a certain area of your life and you will be shown habits of thought that are available to change. Listen to the guidance from your inner self. As you change what you expect from life, you will see life show up for you in a whole new way.

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