Spirit & Creativity
You Are Loved
By Kelly Carroll
Mar 23, 2008 - 11:31:38 AM

There is someone who is ready to be reminded right now. You are loved.  The fact that you are here right now means ”“ you are lovedfact that you are here right now guarantees you a few things:

You are loved. It is an unconditional fact of the universe. If you are here you are loved. Even when you do not feel it, you are loved. Even when you have become conditioned to look away from it ”“ YOU are loved. It is part of life. It is available to be known by you as deeply as you let it in. You are loved.

You have the right to a miracle. A miracle is just a happening in the life of the Spirit ”“ which is who the whole you really is ”“ spirit, life and unlimited”¦you may not be aware of it at all times, but that is you and it is your right to be all of who you are. You have a right to a miracle.

You can ask and have the amazing happen as your reality. That is how a miracle happens. You ask. You clear the way and are open to receive it fully. Ask. You want to, you know it. Ask. And have your miracle; it is your right.

You are loved and you have natural joy within you. There is a joy that is there all the time. It is different from a "ha, ha, ha" laugh; and yet it can show up like that, too. It is a profound feeling of safety with fun mixed in.  When you get quiet and keep asking to be shown to your natural joy, you will experience it. You have a right; it is part of your natural being. Don’t live without it anymore.

You are loved and you have a right to allow that love be what expresses itself in your life. Your life shows up as experience that comes from what is in you. Deep presence of love is within you, it is within all life ”“ let that be the basis of where everything else forms from. You do not have to create what happens next from fear, or what you have been taught by other people who were afraid. You are loved and you have the right to clear a path and let love be the center from which your experience flows out into your everyday life. Ask. Clear a path. Let your miracle happen. You are loved. It is your right. 

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