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Are You The One!
By Rose Quintiliano
Mar 28, 2014 - 12:58:57 PM

Chris Scali.
—Keeping it real, reality shows are here to stay. These days anything can pass for entertainment, from wealthy housewives (who aren't that affluent) partying too much, from people getting traffic violations from making a right turn. Some shows even pursue matchmaking to finding the right "one." It's really not that perplexing- it's simple mathematics. The truth is reality shows are really inexpensive to produce and yield maximum ratings that can be leveraged with the correct marketing strategy.


As long as there is a market and audiences continue to tune in, networks will continue to give us reality television. Some reality shows are entertaining like the one on MTV "Are You The One."  The show puts 10 perfectly matched single men and women in a house together in Hawaii. They have to find their perfect matches. If all 20 people on the show find their match within 10 tries, they will split the $1 million riding on their success.

The season finale event took place on March 25, at Suite 36 NYC. It was presented by JDonovan Productions and hosted by cast member Chris Scali, along with cast members and surprise celebrity guests. Scali is not only handsome, with his sexy eyes, he's very intellectual with high ambitions. He is planning on writing a book about dating, Canyon News learned exclusively.


That will be a best-seller, considering the thousands of female fans that are attracted to him. You may remember Chris from "The Choice," where he found himself the object of Carmen Electra's affection. The handsome, down-to-earth former bartender from New York was cast a few years ago on FOX's "The Choice," and beat out others to win a date with the sexy star.


The event was a huge success. Some of the celebrities that graced the red carpet included: Scali, Brittany Baldassari, Andre "Dre" McCoy, Deena Cortese, Jemmye Carolle, Mike Check, Mica Hughes, Elizabeth Vashisht, Gigi Lopez, Tracy DiMarco and hubby Cory Epstein, Danny Martinez, Jason Christopher Peters, and Dash among many more. Some of the VIP guests included AnnaRose Mongiello of Formaggio, among other high profile attendees.

Celebrities love the red carpet and limelight, but they try to keep their personal life private. The perils of being famous is that everyone will be in your business, even when you are splitting up with your better half. Actress-lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay front-man Chris Martin are splitting up after 10 years of marriage. Paltrow posted on her website have decided to separate after a year of working hard "to see what might be possible between us." Of course, they ask for their space and privacy to be respected "at this difficult time." The couple has two children Apple, 9, and Moses, 7.

While the norm is usually to fight over joint custody or sole custody of their children, former Olympian and ice skating commentator Johnny Weir and his husband, Victor Voronov are fighting over Hermes and Chanel bags, furs and their Japanese Chin dog, reports. According to published reports, a Weir source says Weir brought the accessories to the marriage and that Weir denies cheating.

Rose's Scoop: For almost two weeks we heard about the Malaysian Airlines flight 370 from a possible crash to a possible hijack to suicide by pilots, many theories were floating around. According to published reports more than 80 such incidents have taken place where no trace could be found of airborne aircrafts since 1945.  An international search effort is scouring the vast stretch of the southern Indian Ocean since its disappearance on March 8 from Kuala Lumpur en route to Beijing. Malayasian officials said that the jet crashed in the sea, taking the lives of all 239 people on board.


It is no surprise that the production on a film about a plane that crashes into the ocean on its way to Beijing has been halted due to similarities to the missing Malaysian Airlines plane. The film titled "Deep Water," follows a group of surviving passengers and crew who have to fight off tiger sharks and other dangers after being left floating in the ocean. According to reports, the film was budgeted at $25 million. No cast has been announced for the movie, as of press time.

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