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Halloween Costumes And More!
By Rose Quintiliano
Oct 16, 2013 - 9:13:23 PM

Miley Cyrus
—Halloween is just around the corner. It's a fun holiday, everybody gets dressed up, everyone has a good time. Halloween comes second to Christmas in holiday spending. From custom costumes to candy to pumpkin pies, Americans go all out for October 31, and spend a lot of money doing so. An estimated 158 million people in the U.S. are getting ready to celebrate the holiday, with an estimated $6.9 billion that Americans will spend, according to the National Retail Federation. Last year Americans spent,$8 billion. Celebrities are just like us, they will take their children out pumpkin picking. Some will be heading out to Calabasas, California, while others head off to Moorpark, California.

While the economy is still in a slump, Americans will dish over around $75 a piece, for their Halloween items, including another $2 billion on candy alone. It's interesting that it's not only people who will be celebrating Halloween, pet owners will be getting their dogs and cats ready for action. They will spend an estimated $330 million on pet costumes this year.

So what will people wear this Halloween?  Piper from " Orange is the New Black." An easy costume to put together with an orange jumpsuit or a pair of orange scrubs with combat boots. Anything "Gatsby," with flapper skirts with pearls, lace from the Roaring Twenties. A character from the summer hit movie "Spring Breakers," an easy attire to find lying around, a bikini. Dressing up as Nicki Minaj, is always fun. All you need is a long blond wig and some wild,funky clothes. With dressing up, comes decorating your nails for Halloween. There are so many designs to choose from ranging from spooky skeleton manicures to bloody nail art.

For couples, Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke costumes will be popular. You can twerk and treat, with a blonde short wig and red lipstick, to re-enact the VMAs all over again. For guys, Walter and Jesse from "Breaking Bad," all you need is a yellow Hazmat suit and breathing masks. No wonder, everyone wants to dress us like Walter and Jesse. The show's season finale brought in 10.3 million viewers on AMC. "Breaking Bad," won best drama series at the 2013 Emmys. The show's creator Vince Gilligan credited Netflix for helping viewers catch up on the show, which eventually reached astronomical numbers.

If your literary blood lust wants to be satiated with a darker mystery this Halloween begin with author Harlen Coben's "Shelter: A Mickey Bolitar Novel."  A perfect read for Halloween the author has written more than 18 books and never seems to disappoint.

Rose's Scoop: From New Jersey to Hollywood, everyone congratulated Cory Booker. He won the election for Senator, defeating GOP candidate Steve Lonigan, the conservative former mayor of Bogota, New Jersey. The Senator-elect will finish out the late Senator Lautenberg's term. The special election was held on October 16, the same day that ironically, the bill was passed by the United States Senate and the House of Representatives to end the shutdown and raise the debt ceiling.

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