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Is "American Idol" Getting Revamped?
By Rose Quintiliano
Jul 22, 2012 - 5:52:27 PM

HOLLYWOODReality television can do a lot of things; it can turn participants into national celebrities as seen in “American Idol,” and it can also humiliate contestants ,thus boosting ratings. I am not a great follower of reality television but I wonder if “Idol,” will survive yet another change of judges. We have all heard that Steven Tyler called it quits along with actress/singer Jennifer Lopez. Will “American Idol,” survive? Both stars have been working on one-year contracts and, despite so many speculations, Fox wanted to resign both Tyler and Lopez .Early talks were already underway with Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey.

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Jennifer Lopez decided to step down from the hit TV talent show the day after fellow judge Steven Tyler quit. She told America’s ABC News, “that she feared she would not have the same chemistry with a newcomer.” Before her departure she added she would love to see Bono, Sir Mick Jagger or Jon Bon Jovi as judges. Producers of the hit show are now scrambling to find a new line-up to replace the superstar duo. Mariah Carey, Adam Lambert and Black Eyed Peas stars Fergie and will.iam have all been linked to the job.

Mariah Carey as you know-is an old friend and collaborator of Randy Jackson’s rumored replacement. The original judge Randy Jackson who uses street slang in his critiques, including his infamous “dawg, ”is rumored to stay on as a mentor on the show since he has been a part of the show for the past decade. The producers are in serious talks with Carey. Guess who might be a judge on Idol? Producer Nigel Lythgoe mentioned Charlie Sheen’s name before the departures of Lopez and Tyler. Though he may not have a musical career, it would be interesting to hear his critiques. Looks like Sheen is definitely interested. He says he would have make the gig work with his “Anger Management” schedule and would like there to be a “charitable component” to the job. (Charlie just donated  a minimum of $ 1million of his “Anger Management” paycheck-1 percent-to the USO.)

Katy Perry was also linked to the show however has ruled out a stint as a judge, insisting the talent show is too much of a commitment for her at the moment. The pop star confirmed producers approached her and asked if she’d be interested in joining a new-look panel-but she turned them down, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Katy Perry’s divorce is now finalized. Looks like ex-hubby Russell Brand, who spends a lot of his time doing yoga and meditating, is moving on with talent agent Isabella Brewster. Brewster is the younger sister of actress Jordana Brewster, who stars in  the “Dallas” reboot and “Fast & Furious,” reports the Daily News. Reports  suggest Miley Cyrus, Carey and Fergie have all been possible replacements for current judges Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler. We all know where this is going, the producers are desperately trying to revamp in a bid to compete with rival shows the X Factor and The Voice.

Rose’s Scoop: Jayson Williams was spotted in Orlando, Florida. We hear he was heading to a meeting.

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