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It's Magic!
By Rose Quintiliano
Jul 5, 2012 - 4:47:05 PM

HOLLYWOODMy, how time flies! It seems like only yesterday we were decking the halls and ringing in the New Year. Now, the cookouts, fireworks, and a chance to wish Uncle Sam a “happy birthday”: that’s what the 4th of July was all about.

Summer is now in full swing and so many people hit the movie theaters to celebrate the holiday. Women especially went to see “Magic Mike,” a film starring Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey and Alex Pettyfer. The storyline is about a male stripper (Mike) played by Tatum Channing, who becomes a mentor to a younger performer by taking him under his wing and sharing with him the secrets of picking up women, making easy money and the art of partying. The chiseled bodies of these men are very sexy and director Steven Soderbergh captured the perfect moments. No question about it, everyone knows Channing Tatum now: he”˜s come a long way from Ricky Martin’s music video “She Bangs.” His wish finally came true,  back in 2010, he told an Australian newspaper, that he would like to make a movie about his experiences as a stripper. The film was co-produced by Tatum and Soderbergh.
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Another movie that people went to see was “People Like Us,” starring Elizabeth Banks and Chris Pine. The story is one about secrets, which could lead to some life-changes. When Sam (Pine) attends his father’s funeral, he discovers his dad had a secret life including a daughter who he left his entire inheritance of $150,000 to. The storyline is not original; many movies have the same. How the story unfolds is interesting to a certain point. It’s quite romantic; however, they are brother and sister. Michelle Pfeiffer, as always, shines in her character.

The top movie at the box-office the week of the first of July was “Ted.” Mark Wahlberg (John) is a grown man who must deal with his teddy bear, who came to life as childhood wish and now has to choose between his girl and his pal. The language is somewhat lewd, they swear together, drink and smoke weed together. Watching Wahlberg in a comedy is inspiring. Through the years he’s been playing characters in crime dramas. However, in the film, it works beautifully. He”˜s pretty funny with the raunchy humor.

Bringing back the eternal city of Rome is Woody Allen’s “To Rome with Love,” starring Alec Baldwin, Penelope Cruz and Ellen Page. Woody Allen wrote, directed and stars in this romantic comedy which was released on June 22 in Los Angeles and New York City. The story is told in four vignettes and has had mixed reviews. If you’re a Woody Allen fan, you’ll probably love it, since you”˜ll appreciate the old school Allan, who still writes on an old fashioned typewriter. His last four consecutive films were flops and fell with the critics. Not to worry if critics don’t love this one, as he already has another one in the oven.

Allen did find time to attend the wedding last week of Alec Baldwin, 54, who tied the knot with his fiancée yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas, 28, on June 30. Baldwin and Thomas were married at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. Some of his Hollywood pals were in attendance including Tina Fey, Stephen Baldwin and his daughter Ireland, whose mother is actress Kim Basinger, who was married to Baldwin.

Other nuptials that took place on June 30 included those of Mick Jagger’s daughter Jade Jagger, 40, who wed Adrian Fillary in England. In attendance was Mick’s ex-wife Bianca Jagger. The bride was walked down the aisle by her famous dad.

Rose’s Scoop: While 4th of July holiday revelers opened up boxes of fireworks and threw steaks on the barbie, other people were answering texts from their divorce attorneys. This year in Hollywood we will see lots of break-ups and hook-ups.

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