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Packing A Punch!
By Rose Quintiliano
Nov 16, 2013 - 7:01:16 AM

Miley Cyrus
—The music business has transformed dramatically from decades ago. Record labels do not go out on a limb with tour support, so artists these days self-promote on Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites. The days of marketing and tour support are gone; however , talent still trumps it all. That is if they have talent. So many aspiring singers waste so much money and time in voice lessons. Case in point, some will never make it out of West Hollywood and the journey is simply long because they aren't good enough.

This is not the case with Miley Cyrus who has been around for a long time since her “Hannah Montana” days. Now, more than ever you need to do something extraordinary to get people's attention and that's exactly what she's doing. Miley Cyrus, molester of giant stuffed animals, avid twerker and sledgehammer licker, has really been smoking lately, her appearance at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Amsterdam cleared that right up. When Miley accepted her EMA award for Best Video for "Wrecking Ball," on November 10, the singer casually lit up what appeared to be a joint onstage, although MTV was quick to cut and edit the moment for American audiences. 


It was all in a day's work, when once again in her opening performance of "We Can't Stop," Miley was more covered up than her MTV VMA performance in September, but she twerked again, did some mild S&M, grabbed the woman's breast and slapped her bottom. She's getting plenty of attention and truth be told, she has a great marketing strategy. Her partner in crime at the American awards show, Robin Thicke, didn't reunite with the twerking princess, instead singing his hit "Blurred Lines,” with Iggy Azalea surrounded by topless dancers in metallic body paint and strategically positioned crystals. Going along with the theme of the show was Bruno Mars who performed "Gorilla," accompanied by Nicole "The Pole," Williams, who didn't get her nickname from being from Poland.

It's really a battle of the drama queens, from Miley Cyrus on stage to Alec Baldwin in court. Baldwin broke into tears on the stand when he described how his alleged stalker, Genevieve Sabourin, ruined the day he proposed to his current wife, Hilaria, when Genevieve showed up in his East Hamptons home, the New York Daily News reports. Sabourin who is on trial for 23 counts of harassment and one count of stalking the Emmy-winning actor, had to be hustled out of the courtroom by her attorney when she continued to yell out at Baldwin while he testified.


Baldwin says he shared two meals with Sabourin because she was the girlfriend of a producer friend. However, during cross-examination, Baldwin was forced to admit that he continued exchanging emails with Sabourin, 41, into 2012. Baldwin- who gamely admitted beating on photographers and yelling at flight attendants, explained his nearly three-year flirtation, of Genevieve.

Rose's Scoop:  We hear that Award-winning singer songwriter Tracy Newman is taking the music world by storm. According to an email, she performed at Room 5 on the November 13 and The Talking Stick on November 14, bringing her songwriting talents along with her original acoustic folk songs.

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