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Publishing and Jodi Picoult!
By Rose Quintiliano
Mar 7, 2013 - 9:42:52 AM

Jodi Picoult
—The publishing industry is not what it used to be, say, 15 years ago. Some of them are cutting back on many perks, including long book tours in the United States and Europe that cost money. Some say that the publishing industry is in the midst of a massive decline. Some may agree with me, with the closing of the bookstore Borders, a couple of years ago. Some publishing companies are surviving because they have talented authors that write excellent books that have the power to bring in money to the publishing house.

In the years I've been involved in writing, I've seen so many dramatic changes in the publishing industry. By now, we know that publishers are no longer accepting manuscripts- they have their own gatekeepers-called agents along with representatives, adding one more struggle for unpublished writers. Do these changes signal the end of publishing as we know it? Perhaps, but that doesn't mean publishing is completely dead. While things have changed and will continue to do so, future generations will still need writers- the writers that have an audience-a readership. It is really a tough business that requires a lot of perseverance, dedication and writing skill (not to mention a heck of a lot of passion) to make it as an author these days, as well.

Most people receive a minimum of 100 rejection letters, including New York Times best-selling author Jodi Picoult. We bumped into Jodi Picoult at the Hilton Hotel in Pearl River, New York. Having brunch and meeting her for the second time was such an honor. Miss Picoult has been writing for over a decade, and has written twenty books, all of them on the best-seller list. Her latest book titled The Storyteller, a riveting, emotional novel that is by no means a typical Picoult novel. She managed to find three Holocaust survivors with the help of her mother to interview and do research for her novel. We are given heart-breaking stories of the concentration camps. Even if you are not Jewish, you feel the horror of what happened to Jewish people during the war. She writes with passion and brilliance and is known for her intensive, meticulous research on her books. Her books always have different point-of-views. It allows the readers to enter new worlds, learn things we might have never experienced, consider ideas which we would never entertain, which leaves us culturally enriched and mentally energized. If her books could be bottled, it would probably be worth trillions of dollars. Her books take nine months to complete and most of the time she knows the ending of her books, yet sometimes they change. She read a middle chapter from her new book and everyone listened with intensity.

She spoke of her first book My Sister's Keeper that became a major motion picture back in 2009. She thought that her version of the screenplay was going to be used, however the director decided to make the ending of the movie different than the book against Picoult's wishes and much to the outrage of her fans. She predicted it wouldn't work, however, Hollywood didn't believe her and so it was released the way the director wanted.
She wants to work on another book with her daughter Sammy, however, due to different schedules they still have to work it out. Jodi is very impressed with her daughters writing. They both wrote the book Between the Lines, a young adult novel. Miss Picoult continues to be involved with the “No Hate Campaign” as an avid supporter.

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