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Red Carpet Countdown!
By Rose Quintiliano
Feb 1, 2013 - 8:55:25 PM

HOLLYWOOD Hollywood has discovered the blockbusters that have been ruled by visuals. This year it's the power of the pen, the words-dialogue-that thrust the characters as they exchange remarks that constitute the real excitement of the Oscar contenders. Let's just say that the visuals are the gravy and the words are the filet mignon, that's the analogy. The screenplays are excellent, however, it's just the dialogue this year that makes it hard to predict.


Some of the pictures nominated are: "Amour," "Argo," "Beasts of the Southern," "Django Unchained,"Les Misérables," "Life of Pi,” " Lincoln,” "Silver Linings Playbook” and “Zero Dark Thirty." It's an array of styles, which some are driven by frenetic editing and by dazzling visuals. The film "Les Misérables," is driven by the force of music. The film " Lincoln" has an excellent screenplay by writer Tony Kushner. Director Steven Spielberg has always had a great eye for recognizing great dialogue and winners. The film is a winner with Daniel Day-Lewis relentless efforts to ramrod the anti-slavery 13th amendment through a fractious Congress. The screenplay demands close attention to the dialogue.

Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained," is an intense film along with the violence and dialogue which is quite controversial. It's entertaining and stretches the tension to the breaking point. The actors Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson seem to love the lines and just have fun with it. "Argo" is all about the action scenes- the storming of the U.S. Embassy and the escape of CIA agent Ben Affleck who also directed the film and six hostages from the Tehran airport. The film is full of intrigue.
Photo Courtesy of: Photographer Kelly Olszuk

While we enjoy seeing our favorite film win, we enjoy the red carpet as well. Celebrities know millions of eyes are upon them. It takes months of planning and an army of professionals to get ready for the red carpet. About four to six months fashion designers begin presenting the A-listers with sketches for custom gowns. As soon as the celebrities find out they'll be nominees or presenters, they make appointments for treatments, like Botox.

About two months prior, stars begin getting their hair deep-conditioned to restore health and shine to their tresses. The cardio work-outs and the personal trainers begin to take charge getting the bodies in shape. One month prior, the Botox kicks in along with the intensified body work-outs and no carbs. The stylists drop off the array of dresses and eventually goes down to five favorites. Three weeks prior, the gowns are fitted on the star and usually have a back-up dress for emergency. Let's not forget, the hair maintenance, usually a trim.

Two weeks prior the celebrity stylist brings over the accessories which include the shoes, evening bags and the bling from either Fred Leighton, Tiffany or Cartier. Then the whole look has to fit in, with the hair, makeup and gown. One week, they will have their final fitting complete with accessories. Three days before most of them go for the gold or bronze spray tan. Most of them the A-listers know that the most important thing they can do is remain stress-free. Let's see the Oscar's red carpet winners for 2013. Hollywood's big night will take place on February 24.

Rose's Scoop: After the alleged lip-synced performance of Beyonce, let's see if she will bring the house down at half-time in New Orleans on February 3.

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