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Summer Fashion And Euro 2012!
By Rose Quintiliano and Kelly Olszuk
Jun 3, 2012 - 6:19:01 PM

HOLLYWOOD—Now that Memorial Day is over, we have the whole summer to enjoy until Labor Day weekend. Summer is like that favorite tank top you’ve been dying to pull out of the closet. It looks adorable on its own, but a few extra accessories would take that baby to a whole new level. This summer it’s going to be an orange crush, from dusty corals to blood orange to dreamy tangerine, summer arrives with an eye-catching color. Shimmer and shine along with beaded accents, crystal complements and go-go glitter are the perfect companion to the hot summer nights.

Cristiano Ronaldo, photo courtesy of: Facebook

June is not only a month for brides, Father’s Day, Flag Day, and graduates; this June is very special since it’s the  UEFA Euro 2012. The Euro kicks off  on June 8 and the finals will be held on July1, 2012. With soccer being the most popular sport on the planet, it’s no surprise that the excitement and passion will be felt by everyone. Celebrities will be flying to Poland and Ukraine to catch a glimpse of their favorite soccer players. According to the official UEFA website, over 12 million applications were received but only 1.4 million tickets were available. A ticket for the final game, for a seat in the main stand sold for 6oo Euros. The official Euro 2012 song is “Endless Summer,” by the German singer Oceana.

All eyes will be on international soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo who will be playing for his national team of Portugal. Ronaldo joined Spain Real Madrid’s soccer team back in July 6, 2009, will be playing for his country, which is Portugal. His world record $130 million move from England’s Manchester United  was one of the most talked about sports event of the year. He attracted 85,000 fans to the unveiling of his number nine shirt at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Spain. Till this day, no other player has topped that number of fans. David Beckham only attracted 4,000 fans when he joined LA Galaxy, Kaka had 50,000 fans. Argentina’s Diego Maradona 28 years ago, had 75,000 fans. While many female fans will be drooling over the 27-year-old super stud is engaged to supermodel Irina Shayk and expected to marry sometime in 2012 in his homeland of Portugal. Ronaldo- who says people are jealous of him because he’s “good-looking, rich and a great soccer player,” will have to  prove to the Portuguese people that he can perform when he is playing for his national team. He is considered one of the greatest players that has ever lived. With that in mind, he will be one of the players we should be keeping an eye out for the tournament. With Portugal drawn together with the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany in the “Group of Death, ”in the following weeks to come, a barnstorming, unmarkable and free-scoring Ronaldo is crucial to their hopes of progress. The pressure is on the captain of Portugal’s team Ronaldo.

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