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CHP Participates In I-10 Labor Day Challenge
By Melissa Simon
Sep 2, 2013 - 9:57:24 AM

CALIFORNIA—On August 28 the California Highway Patrol (CHP) announced that they would be taking part in the “I-10 Challenge,” which aims to have no fatalities during the Labor Day weekend.

For the challenge, which took place from 12:01 a.m. on August 30 to 11:59 p.m. on September 2, all available CHP officers joined seven other state highway patrol agencies to monitor “the 2,450 miles of Interstate 10 from California to Florida,” according to the release.

“After the tremendous support shown by the people of California during a similar effort on I-80 in July, we are excited to partner with highway patrol agencies across the nation and challenge the people of California to drive safe this Labor Day weekend,” said CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow. “We hope to accomplish our goal by educating motorists about the leading causes of traffic collisions and encouraging the people of California to follow the rules of the road and drive safely.”

I-10 Labor Day weekend Challenge
According to the release, the challenge was organized by Florida State Highway Patrol after the success of the I-80 project in July.

“Statistically, someone dies in a collision every four days on Interstate 10 in California,” the release reads. “A majority of these collisions and roadway deaths can be avoided if motorists follow basic traffic safety rules.”

Traffic safety operations will be enforced along the route, which begins in Santa Monica and continues all the way to Jacksonville, Florida. Education and enforcement will be focused on drivers who disobey the speed limit, do not wear seat belts, are distracted drivers, and/or drink and drive.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported the following: 21,000 people killed in traffic accidents in 2011, with 52 percent not wearing seat belts; nearly 9,900 killed in drunk driving collisions, with more than 3,330 killed in a distracted driver related collision; almost 10,000 killed in speed-related collisions, with a 53 percent increase to more than 34,000 in 2012.

During the Labor Day weekends from 2006 to 2010, there were “447 collisions with 256 people injured and two lives lost,” according to the release.

“The California Highway Patrol wants you to have an exciting and fun Labor Day holiday weekend, but remember to follow these basic traffic safety rules: always wear a seat belt, drive at a safe speed for roadway conditions, eliminate distractions while driving, and always designate a sober driver,” Farrow said.

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