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Governor Declares “Water Smart Month”
By Nashfa Hawwa
Jul 18, 2013 - 10:21:14 PM

Smart Water Month
SACRAMENTO—In an official letter that was posted on the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) website on Friday, June 28, the Governor of California Edmund G. Brown Jr. urged all Californians to “practice more sustainable water consumption.” The letter was titled “Water Smart Month,” with the Governor’s official signature.


The governor stated that “July is the perfect time to increase water awareness throughout the state.” He said that “whether it is by watering the lawn less frequently” or “constructing a drip irrigation system for the garden or upgrading existing systems with smart irrigation controllers”, Californians need to be more aware of how much water could be saved collectively. In July, most people in California use more water than usual on their lawns and landscapes due to the temperatures that often escalate to triple-digits. The governor declared that the reservoir levels will not be replenished until fall because the levels are dropping sharply due to the abundant use of water in the hot months of the summer. July is the month when water usage it usually at its peak in California, according to the DWR.


He stressed how critical conserving water is to California’s economy, ecology as well as public health of the residents.


“Conserving water is essential to our state’s future. Our state’s roaring rivers and beautiful estuaries have attracted millions of people from around the world for many years. Tourists flock to California to enjoy the warm beaches of the Pacific and fish the magnificent waters of the Sierra Nevada. This precious resource is the backbone to the success of the state’s economy, public health, and abundant wildlife,” said Governor Brown.


DWR director Mark Cowin advised Californians to fix leaking sprinklers and watering lawns when it cools down because watering lawns during the day is counter-productive, since so much of the water will be lost extremely fast into the atmosphere due to evaporation from the hot temperatures. “Big water savings can be found outdoors, starting with your sprinkler system”, he said.


The DWR also suggests going to http://www.saveourh2o.orgto find out more about water conservation tips.


Governor Brown’s announcement is part of the state’s effort to educate the public about water conservation, through the state wide Save Our Water Program.


It also coincides with the nationwide effort known as the Smart Irrigation Month, conducted by the Irrigation Association that focuses on the use of efficient irrigation techniques, sprinklers and water-saving products, practices and services in order increase the awareness of the value of water use in the month of July.

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