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Gov. Brown Declares Wildfire Awareness Week
By Helya Askari
May 7, 2013 - 5:56:29 AM

SACRAMENTO—Governor Jerry Brown declares May 5 to May 11 as Wildfire Awareness Week.  The governor along with the California Department of Fire and Forestry Protection (CAL Fire) has begun to work towards educating residents on ways to protect themselves during wildfire season.

Governor Jerry Brown


Considering the recent fires occurring near Malibu and the Santa Monica Mountains the governor has issued a statement to heighten awareness to the annual brush fires that threaten residents throughout the California region. Governor Brown released a statement in which he says:


“Wildfires are a natural, periodic occurrence in California. Many native species depend on cyclical fires for survival. Unfortunately, this natural process often conflicts with human land use, and careless or malicious human activity causes many fires that would not have occurred naturally. In order to continue to enjoy the economic and recreational benefits of our wilderness lands, we must strive to achieve a balance between California’s fire ecology and the need to protect human life and property”.


According to the Governor, each year the California wildfires burn through 900,000 acres of land and damage countless homes. In 2007, an approximate 400,000 homes were lost and numerous lives were taken as a result.


To help prepare Californians for possible brush fires in their area, Governor Brown urges all people to visit to obtain more information.

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