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The Latest On Military Hero Prince Harry's Visit
By Contributor
Oct 16, 2011 - 8:25:49 PM

BEVERLY HILLS—Initially I had planned on writing about Prince Harry’s arrival, travels throughout the U.S. Southwest and even if he had plans to attend events here in the Hills and beyond. However, due to the alleged plot of the nation of Iran to kill a foreign national on American soil, Buckingham Palace has asked members of the press to be diligent when writing about the Prince’s visit, and since His Royal Highness’s safety and the safety of other British troops along with American troops, who will be training here in California, also in Arizona and Nevada, I’ll limit some of what I know in order to keep our brave young guys and ladies safe.

No Polo For The Royal Here, It's Military Training

Prince Harry is one of the most popular royals in Europe. Being the son of the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles of Whales, he’s also his grandmother’s favorite. He may give the media and paparazzi lots to talk about in the UK, but here in the U.S., Harry has so far been very well behaved, and I think it should not be forgotten that this young man served in Afghanistan and only left when asked by the British military to consider the safety of his platoon, since Al Qaeda decided to target the young prince in Afghanistan to make great propaganda for their evil platform.

Since arriving in the United States last week, Harry has been keeping a low profile. He’s busy training, so bar hopping in West Hollywood may not be on his short list of things to do right now, but we have been assured that the Prince will be seen in Hollywood and here in the Hills in the near future. For safety and security reasons, I’ll report on it after the events and appearances.

Since this is the second part of Harry’s trip, he’s now in Arizona. Prince Harry, take my advice, have your ID with you, as you are in a state where they are not too friendly or courteous to foreigners who may not have their proper identification. You don’t want to end up in any of those jails there, especially the infamous one with the big mouth sheriff, who loves being interviewed more than serving his community. United States Senator John McCain offers his advice for a place to stay when you arrive at Gila Bend this week for your continued military training. “Prince Harry in Gila Bend, Arizona, I recommend the Space Age Lodge,” said Senator McCain.

Well, if you haven’t been to Arizona, and it’s now my least favorite state to visit. The lodge is a 41-room hotel, which offers its guests a UFO motif and hand painted murals of space shuttles. It also feels like a solar system. It’s much different than the Andaz Hotel, where Harry spent his first weekend while here in California. Also, a bit more advice, Harry. When you return back to California, don’t pronounce it the way that Austrian born former Governor of the state. There’s really no “e” in California.

Happy trails as Roy Rogers would say, your Highness. Godspeed, and thank you for your service to your nation of Great Britain and for your service alongside our American heroes also in Afghanistan. By the way, if you see Prince Harry around, he prefers his military name, Captain Wales to His Highness or Prince Harry!

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