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Man Sentenced For Parents, Girlfriend Murder
By Amy Oppenheim
May 24, 2011 - 11:25:20 AM

LOS ANGELES—A man convicted of murdering his parents and his former girlfriend was sentenced on May 23 to 85 years to life and three consecutive life-without-parole sentences in federal prison, according to a press release by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office.


Joshua Vick, 29, of Los Angeles, was sentenced on May 23 by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Bob Bowers after being convicted on May 2 of three counts of first-degree murder with two special circumstances of murder during a kidnapping and multiple murders. An allegation that Vick personally used a handgun during the killings was also found to be true during trial.


Photo courtesy of Los Angeles District Attorney's Office website
Additionally, Vick was convicted of one count each of robbery and attempted robbery, as well as three counts of making criminal threats. The prosecutor in the case was
Deputy District Attorney Robert Grace of the Major Crimes Division.


Vick shot and killed his mother and father, Mary and Gable Vick, on January 14, 2005, in their apartment.


According to the press release, on the same day as the killings, Vick also kidnapped his former girlfriend, Tesha Collins, from Hooper Early Education Center, located in the 1200 block of East 52nd Street, where she was teaching and fatally shot her as well.


When police pursued Vick following the murders, they found him driving in South Los Angeles on January 15 and pulled him over. The release states that after “a gun battle with police,” Vick was arrested, and officers found Collins’s body next to the car where she had been murdered.


According to a Los Angeles Police Department press release from 2005, when the car was pulled over, “For unknown reasons the suspect stopped the car and initially followed the officer's orders by exiting the vehicle. Again, for reasons yet to be determined, Suspect Vick dove back into the car.”


The release also states, “Ms. Collins attempted to exit the car but was struck by gunfire from within the vehicle.”

Vick will carry out his sentence at the Los Angeles Twin Towers Correctional Facility.


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