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Remembering Rebecca Zahau, Exclusive
By Tommy Garrett
Sep 9, 2011 - 8:42:48 PM

CORONADO, Calif.—Last week, I was contacted by a family member of Rebecca Zhau, the young woman who was found dead hanging from her boyfriend’s balcony in his elegant and historic Southern California mansion. The Zahau family recently retained an attorney, who has gone on cable news and repeatedly stated that she feels Zahau’s death was ruled a suicide too soon. Rebecca Zhau’s ex-husband Neil has set up a website in Rebecca’s honor and told Canyon News on Thursday, “The family has not accused anyone of a crime. What they have done is said over and over, that they wanted the investigation to continue. They feel like none of their questions or concerns were handled properly by the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. That’s all they have said from day one of the incident.”

Rebecca And Her Sisters During Happier Times
The family has fought valiantly to protect the memory of their deceased loved one. However, Rebecca Zhau was a lot more than a girlfriend of billionaire pharmaceutical entrepreneur. She came from a very loving and stable family that arrived in America and lived a very humble beginning in her early life. She is still loved and missed by her family and friends. The family states that they only want justice and a continued investigation in the case. They want the investigation into her death to be reopened and their questions answered.

The mission statement on the website set up in Zhau’s honor states the following: “On Friday, September 2, 2011, the San Diego Sheriff’s Department closed the case of Rebecca Zahau, determining that Rebecca, according to evidence, had taken her own life. They went ahead with this decision despite the fact that the Zahau family and their lawyer presented them with reasonable objections that warranted further investigation. However, it was obvious that the sheriff’s department had worked too hard to paint this picture of suicide and they were not about to let the Zahaus ruin it. Now the family is left to fight for justice themselves, and this fight is an expensive one. It is that reason we have set up this page, so that the many in America who also see the obvious injustice can help in this fight. On behalf of the Zahau family we would like to thank everyone in advance for your donation to help us fight to get justice for our sister, Rebecca. We want to assure you that every penny received will go toward truly following all of the evidence and to reverse the injustice Rebecca and our family have received. Again we thank you for your donation and ask you to please also keep us in both your thoughts and your prayers.”

On Thursday, an email to the Zahau family’s attorney from Dan K. Webb of the law firm of Winston & Strawn LLP said, “Your false public statements constitute defamation, per se, and under law, entitle Mr. Shacknai to recover from you, and your law firm, substantial damages. What is most concerning are recent false public statements you have made that Mr. Shacknai, because of his business success, has somehow improperly influenced the investigations. You have further made public comments that these agencies have applied a different standard in conducting their investigations because of Mr. Shacknai’s wealth.” The email went on to say, “Mr. Shacknai and his family have suffered two tragic losses under the harsh and unkind glare of a national media frenzy you have now helped sustain.” The conclusion of the email clearly gave the attorney a warning. “You must cease and desist from making any further false public statements about Mr. Shacknai.”

Canyon News is only offering the family through Rebecca’s ex-husband the opportunity to ask for the public’s help with donations to pay for their fight for justice. If you want to learn more about Rebecca Zhau or donate to the family’s legal defense fund, go to

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