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Women Arrested For Laptop Theft, Prostitution
By Amy Oppenheim
Apr 26, 2011 - 12:07:38 PM

SAN DIEGO—Two San Diego women were arrested on April 24 for allegedly stealing a MacBook laptop from a man who apparently refused to pay one of them for sex at a local motel.


Glen Capri Inn, from
Kandalaria Freeman, 19, and Sauceray Boyd, 21, were arrested on suspicion of burglary and grand theft after police officers discovered a MacBook worth $2,800 in Freeman’s pink suitcase.


The two women had been staying at the Glen Capri Inn, where they apparently contact gang members and parolees regularly.


According to police reports, a man who had been residing at the motel for about a month reported to police that his laptop was stolen from his room while he was at church.


After receiving a tip from one of the motel workers, police managed to track down Freeman and Boyd at the Glendale Metrolink/Amtrak station.


Freeman told police that she was a prostitute and dancer in San Diego, and that she often visited Glendale and stayed at the Glen Capri Inn. She stated that the man staying at the motel was supposed to pay her $200 for her “services,” but he refused to pay and fled from the inn.


Additionally, Freeman admitted to stealing the laptop, alleging that she had been relying on its owner for cash to buy a train ticket back to San Diego, and when he didn’t pay her, she took the computer as an alternative form of payment.



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