Stories of the Strange
Stories of The Strange
By M. Cherise Perez
Mar 5, 2006 - 9:20:00 PM

Politics and Pornography: Nothing New or Strange About It

Beverly Hills, CA
Notorious adult magazine publisher Larry Flynt is no stranger to politics. Flynt has run for public office several times, has been in court to defend his First Amendment rights, and regularly exercises the right for public citizens to contact their Congressmen.

In fact, he has been contacting all 535 members of Congress every month, for over ten years. In classic Flynt fashion, Larry mails each congressman a nondescript manila envelope, containing the most recent publication of Hustler, a pornographic magazine with an unmistakably left-wing point of view.

The congressmen do not quite appreciate the free subscription to Hustler, but several failed lawsuits and a heap of offense and disgust cannot stop the presses nor the post. Flynt has the same right all other citizens have to contact his public representatives. Although the Congressmen naturally have many complaints about the mailing, Flynt has no plans to stop this practice anytime soon.

Foam or Bust!

—In today’s busy and high-paced society, many American workers are guilty of taking their work home with them. The rise of the Internet and technology has also enabled many people to telecommute or work from home offices. Steve Fletcher of Albany, Oregon, has blurred the lines of work life and home life even further  by living in the leftovers of his principal product, spray foam.

Fletcher decided to build a fully-stocked foam house as a way to recycle the leftover foam from his spray foam business. Amenities include a foam hot tub and a beautiful view. The elegant landscaping consists of a foam volcano with waterfalls and a pond.

Although Fletcher has not yet finished the house, he is already planning the perfect pimped ride: an aquatic-ready foam car that floats. Once he is done with the car, he plans to show us his slick set of wheels by driving into the nearby Willamette River.

The foam wonders of the Albany world are quickly becoming a local attraction, and Fletcher generously plans to donate the property to the city sometime in the future.

Giants Idol and a Boy In a Dress

—On Tuesday, the San Francisco Giants held the Giants Idol, a live spin-off of Fox Television’s American Idol. Giants free-agent Mark Sweeny came up with the idea as a way to build team unity and raise money for the Giants community fund.

Participants included Omar Vizquel as Ryan Seacrest, Ray Durham as Randy Jackson, Jeff Fassero as Simon Cowell, and special guest, comedian Rob Schneider.

The real shocker star of the show was Barry Bonds, who got dolled up with a blonde wig and a strapless dress to play the part of Paula Abdul. Bonds said he took forever getting ready because he could not get his hair right. Bonds now understands the pains a woman takes to look presentable, saying, “I
”ll never tell my wife to hurry up any more.”

Giants Idol, round two, will be held next Wednesday. The Giants are hoping that this team building effort will kick them out of last season
’s performance slump.

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