Stories of the Strange
Stories of the Strange
By M. Cherise Perez
Apr 9, 2006 - 9:52:00 PM

Deal with Heartbreak by Breaking Plates


GERONA, PHILIPPINES – Philippine eatery Isdaan rings up more than food at the cash register – stressed-out patrons can purchase dishes and the opportunity to destroy them on the aptly named “wall of fury.”


Prices range from 15 pesos (30 cents) for standard flatware, with upgrades to vases or bowls, and even an old television for 1,300 pesos (just over $25). The wall is graffitied with words for fitting targets of rage: ex-wife, daughter-in-law, lover, boss, tv and radio broadcaster. Restaurant manager Arnold Viola names the boss, the loan sharks, and women as the top stress factors bringing people to the wall. Viola even noted that couples will target each other on the wall before beginning a romantic date at the restaurant.


The restaurant is three hours north of Manila and qualifies for a PG-13 rating – a public service announcement on the wall advises the angry to yell tacsiyapo (translation: shame on you!), but politely requests that they “refrain from using vulgar words.”


Super Mario Strikes in Middle America


RAVENNA, OHIO – Five mischievous teenage girls decided to bring games to life on April Fool’s day by distributing seventeen life-sized Super Mario Brothers Question Cubes around the city of Ravenna in Portage County, Ohio.


For those of you unfamiliar with video games, Super Mario is a Nintendo icon who fights bad guys and occasionally runs across Question Mark cubes that he can break to receive special powers, such as invincibility or an extra life. I know, I know – you say, who could possibility not know the Super Mario Brothers?


Well, plenty of concerned Ravenna residents and the Portage County Hazardous Materials Unit and Bomb Detection Unit didn’t catch the reference – apparently the gold-paper wrapped boxes and the spray painted question marks qualified as “suspicious packages.”


The girls, who found instructions for creating the boxes on the internet, may receive criminal charges in exchange for their efforts. Meanwhile, they will forever be revered in the hearts of vintage gamers.


Alice in PinkFloyderland


LONDON, ENGLAND – Pink Floyd, a psychedelic British rock band well known for its mesmerizing rock operas and ethereal album art, may have a few other tricks up its sleeve: dedicated fans have traced a film to song/album connection between various classic films and Floyd masterpieces.


The most famous of these is the connection between The Wizard of Oz and 1973 album The Dark Side of the Moon. According to enthusiasts, when the album and film are played simultaneously, there are over a hundred instances where the album music corresponds with the film scene in some way. The proper way to cue the sync is by starting the first song of the album on the third roar of the MGM Lion at the opening credits.


Other proposed matches include 2001: A Space Odyssey and the song Echoes, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring with album The Dark Side of the Moon (again), and Alice in Wonderland with 1979 album The Wall.


Information compiled from news services and wire reports.

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