Stories of the Strange
Stories of the Strange
By M. Cherise Perez
May 14, 2006 - 9:59:00 AM

Super-Size the Pasta, Please, and Hold the Garlic


ESCONDIDO, CALIFORNIA – Valerie Barr, principal of The Classical Academy, was pumped, ready to take the dive. Don’t write this off as another chlorine-and-freshwater swim, however. The scene springs straight out of an Atkins nightmare – a swimming pool filled to the brim with pasta.


As part of an annual fundraiser to generate research funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Barr gave her students an extra-special incentive: raise more than $2000 and she would get sauced … with tomatoes and tortellinis, of course.


The students raised $2,646 total for the “Pennies for Pasta” fundraiser, an event that the school hand picked because the money will fund research on diseases that affect children. The Classical Academy has been participating in the program for four years, and uses the opportunity to both educate the students about the diseases, and help them contribute to the search for a cure.


Corporate sponsor for the fundraiser? Olive Garden Italian Restaurant, of course…


They’re Not Getting High Off the Paint…


WINSTED, CONNECTICUT – In case anybody is unsure about Connecticut resident Christopher Seekins’ stance on legalizing marijuana, here are a few clues that will help you find the answer:

  1. Highly visible, bright-green cannabis leaves spray-painted on the outside of his house
  2. A permanent house address on High Street
  3. A guilty charge from Litchfield Superior Court for growing marijuana

Just for the record, 26-year old Seekins created his pot painting (subtitled ‘hemp’ beside each of the leaves) after his arrest in October, when the police refused to buy the ‘it’s a hemp research project’ explanation for the 100+ marijuana plants in his house.


The terms of his recently negotiated plea bargain include three years of probation, 300 hours of community service, abstinence from use or possession of illicit substances, and a promise to never, ever paint Lady Mary Jane on his house again.


Righteous Ninja Supports Pyromania, not Pornography


POWELL, TENNESSEE – In late January, 20-year old Benjamin Daniel Warren donned a ninja costume and torched adult bookstore Town and Country Bookstore on Clinton Highway in Tennessee.


Formerly a student at Crown College Graduate School and Seminary, Warren eventually ended up confessing his scorching sin to school president Dr. Clarence Sexton. Warren dropped out of school soon after the arson, and convinced himself that a subsequent car accident was a sign – God must be telling him to do some soul-searching to clear his conscience.


Although Warren avoided casualties by throwing the bookstore clerk out of the building, he did cause $900,000 worth of damages, and faces charges of arson with the possibility for few years of jail time.


He admitted to singeing the steamy books because he believed that they were corrupting the local community. While Sexton could commiserate with Warren’s antipathy towards the adult industry, he did not condone the behavior and supports full criminal prosecution.


Information compiled from news services and wire reports.

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