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Stories of the Strange

Stories of the Strange
Posted by on Dec 10, 2006 - 12:29:00 PM

Obsession and devotion know no age...
   IBARAKI, JAPAN — In the Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan, a 79-year-old man refused a suggestion from a friend to marry Emiko Suzuki, before even getting a chance to meet the budding wannabe bride. Unfortunately, despite all of the 9-year age difference, the sprightly younger damsel refused to see the light - and the limits of the law.
   Several visits to the man's home ensued since the failed wedding offer in 1997, and early the next year, Suzuki started to paying surprise visits to the man and leaving him letters in his mailbox. The love notes included confessions that she had long dreamed of a rendezvous with him for dinner or tea.
   In 2002, the public safety commission warned Suzuki to stay away, or else. Blind to anything but her devotion, she continued to visit his house, once clocking in seven visits over a three-month period. Finally, in compliance with the anti-stalking law, the police put Suzuki under arrest. In her defense, Suzuki claimed, "I visited him, but didn't stalk him."

No Cookies for the Sidewalk Santas in SF
   SAN FRANCISCO, CA —  Party-pooping Municipal Transportation Agency officials for the city of San Francisco ordered that cookie-scented "Got Milk?" signs be taken down - scarcely 24 hours after they went up.
   Sticky smell strips on five SF MUNI bus stop shelters generated the scents for the first outdoor scent advertising campaign in the US, masterminded by Arcade Marketing for the California Milk Processor Board to the tune of $300,000. Immediately after the ads went out, the complaints came in -diabetes and anti-obesity advocates complained about the promotion of sweet eats, the Environmental Health Network of California complained about possible allergies and respiratory afflictions, spokespeople for thehomeless complained that the smell might offend the people that just couldn't afford cookies, on and on ad infinitum.
   In response to the pressure, MTA pulled the signs, and covered their behinds by saying that due to miscommunications, they were not fully aware that the ads both look AND smell good. Now, if only the city would make half as much effort to eliminate smells from foul trashcans and automobile exhaust ...

Last Night A Computer Saved My Life...
   Every now and then, it feels good to get away from all the high-tech madness and return to nature. Of course, it doesn't hurt to keep some of that technology close at hand, "just in case."
   26-year-old British tourist, Leigh Lander, sure appreciates the ability to rely on a few of the inventions of modern man - such as his trusty cell phone and his grandfather's computer. Lander stayed behind atop Table
Mountain in South Africa after the two friends with him decided to take the easy way down on a cable car.
   A wrong turn, bad footing, and an injured leg later, Lander ended up on a ledge 100-feet high. The East Sussex native still had his mobile phone and even more importantly, reception, so he called his grandfather back in England to look up the phone number for the mountain's rescue team.
   Five hours later, the military helicopter came to pull him off the mountain.
   Information compiled from news services and wire reports.


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Serving Bel Air, Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills. Brentwood, Laurel Canyon, Los Feliz, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Melrose, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Topanga, Canyon, Westwood & Hollywood Hills.