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Celery, The Vegetable I Despise
By LaDale Anderson
Jan 23, 2013 - 3:28:36 PM

UNITED STATES—I have a love hate relationship with celery.  On one hand, I love the vegetable when I want to eat something crisp and refreshing.  Then there are times, where attempting to stomach the bland taste for the vegetable makes it impossible for me to want to eat it.  Celery is a vegetable that I was first introduced to as a kid, it appeared in salads and I would always pick it out.  It’s quite a taste one has to acquire, but once you have an affinity for it you always eat it.

There is a myth going around that celery is a calorie free food; you can eat as much of it as you want and not worrying about putting on the pounds.  I will agree it’s a great snack for a substitute for something that is unhealthy, but it’s not a calorie free food.  There are calories in the long, green and stringy vegetable, not many, but you can get full quickly off a few stalks of celery. Be sure when preparing to cut of the bottoms and the tops. 

Rumor has it eating a lot of celery causes the body to reversely react to burn more calories when you eat it.  While this theory has yet to be proven true, many people do indulge in eating celery when going on a diet or attempting to shed a few pounds.  Most eat the veggie with a side of ranch, cream cheese or peanut butter.  The key is to eat it by itself, so you’re not implementing more calories while snacking, but that difficult to do at times with this tasteless veggie.

Celery also contains Vitamin C and loads of water which is great for the body.  Remember more than 75% of the body is composed of water so it’s the one nutrient your body needs to replenish itself. Celery is crucial element in a mirepoix which consists of celery, onions and carrots.  Ingredients used as a starter for most soups, sauces and stocks.


Rule of thumb consider, implementing two small stalks of celery in any fruit smoothie that you’re making.  Trust me you’ll barely know the veggie is there and guess what you’ll be getting a dose of veggies each day at the same time.

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