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Fruits Of Our Labor
By LaDale Anderson
Jan 19, 2013 - 3:57:10 PM

UNITED STATES—I’m a fruitnatic.  Give me a fruit and I’ll eat it. I’m not quite sure why I’m so fond of eating fruits instead of snacking on potato chips or some other unhealthy item, but I do.  For most of us the typical fruit of choice is something quick, fast and on the go.  Likely an apple, an orange or a banana; those are the staple fruits in everyone’s homes.  They’re likely on the kitchen table in a bowl. 


I’m not really an apple person per say, particularly I steer clear of red apples.  I hate the taste of them.  I’ll grab a banana before I eat an apple, because let’s face it its good for potassium and they’re not too sweet.  I love a juicy orange, but that seems difficult to come by each day. The USDA has stated time and time again that we need to implement more fruits and vegetables in our lives each day.  Most of us are not getting that.  And eating fruit from a fruit cup is not the same as eating a piece of fresh fruit.  Those syrupy sugars and juice is not good for you.


Look at it this way, grabbing a piece of fruit compared to that bag of potato chips is likely to cut calories you would eat in half, in addition, you’re getting vitamins and nutrients from fruit that you will not get from potato chips. There is a bit of a problem with various fruits they do not have a long shelf life.  So you have to eat them quick otherwise you’re tossing the item or items in the trash.  I’m talking about you strawberry!  This week’s challenge is to incorporate one of the staple fruits into your daily calorie count.  Whether you have that piece of fruit in the morning, at lunch, at dinner or for a snack, make it happen.


You don’t have to stick with an apple a day every single day of the week, alternate. Have a red apple on Monday, a banana on Tuesday, an orange on Wednesday, a green apple on Thursday and a tangerine on Friday.  You can take the weekends off if you’d like, but I’d snack on a fruit then also. 


Over the next several weeks we’ll be highlighting a different fruit each week and the benefits of that fruit for your body, heck we may even discuss ways to incorporate that fruit into some sweet or savory dishes.  Look at it this way, not only are you promoting healthy eating, but its likely to rub off on your children as well!

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