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Hosting A Lavish Event For The Holidays
By LaDale Anderson
Dec 20, 2012 - 7:40:52 PM

UNITED STATES—The holidays are upon us in full-force.  Christmas is only a few days away and New Years is right around the corner. For some of us that means time for a celebration.  Some of us will be hosting office parties, festivities or events to bring the family together.  Hosting an event is not all smiles and laughs.  Its work sometimes, and that work can be quite exhausting for many of us as we’re trying to do so much at once without any help.

A Christmas Ham (photo via Facebook

For starters have a plan.  Decide just who your guest list will include.  There are bound to be people at the event that may not always be welcome, but in life we never get what we always want.  Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.  Remember just because there is a fire in a room does not mean you have to add gasoline to it. When you kill people with kindness most never know how to react to it.


Plan your menu.  Have an idea of the type of feast you’d like your guest to fill their stomach’s with.  It’s okay to utilize small bites for the appetite.  People at parties or office celebrations tend to entertain more than they choose to eat, so the smaller the bite the better.  Cheese trays are always a great snack for all to adore, the same applies with nibblers involving fruit, veggies or nuts. 


It’s always a good sign to have a meat dish whether its beef, chicken or pork.  For some you may choose to take the route of using seafood, another delicacy enjoyed by many.  Whatever you choose to use is your choice, just keep it light.  You don’t want to have something too heavy for your guests.


Now that we have the primary dishes in tact, you can’t forget about dessert.  There are a wide array of treats for guests to feast on from those already prepared to manifesting them on your own. The choice is yours, but do not take on more than you have to.  Grabbing a cheesecake platter is never a bad idea, neither is purchasing baked goods. The treats are something guests discuss for days or weeks after of the event; it’s the opportunity to leave that lasting impression on your guest.


Of course drinks will be served, but serve with caution.  At festive events some people drink too much and can cause a raucous or even worse attempt to drive drunk.  So as a host or hostess monitor those habits, don’t allow someone to overindulge in alcohol because it’s around.  Limit your guests to only one drink. Remember drinks are for socializing, not to get drunk.


Now that the final guest has left the canvass comes the hard part: cleaning up.  Oh, yes in deed it’s a formidable task, but someone has to do it.

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