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Keeping A Clean House
By LaDale Anderson
Dec 2, 2012 - 7:55:30 PM

UNITED STATES—Let’s admit it; no one likes to do housework.  It’s a chore that makes many of us tiresome just thinking about it, but it has to be done.  I hear time and time again tackling the challenge of cleaning a house is a difficult chore.


Cleaning the house, just like anything else requires having a plan intact.  Look at it this way, nothing is more annoying than cleaning a house and have other parties sit and watch; and dictate what you should and should not be doing.  Its one of my biggest pet peeves; if you’re not cleaning keep your mouth zipped.  America is a democracy, not a dictatorship and the same applies with household chores. 


The best approach to cleaning the house is to do it alone.  Will it be a lot more work?  Likely.  Will it take up most of the day?  Likely, but you’ll get the luxury of knowing your home looks exactly the way that you want it.   Begin your day by gathering all of the cleaning supplies you need. Nothing is more tiring than moving back and forth to gather supplies that you should already have in your arsenal. 

Cleaning supplies


Next, your goal should be to either start from top to bottom or from the bottom to the top.  Bouncing from areas just creates more stress.  I’ve discovered working from the basement to the top is efficient.  It’s almost like when you’re done with everything you can lay in your bed.  Most of the rooms that you clean will involve several things: dusting, sweeping, cleaning the glass, moping the floor or perhaps vacuuming the carpet.  Give it a good 20-25 minutes for each room, depending on the size of the room.


The toughest rooms to clean are always the kitchen and bathroom(s).  Some say the bathroom; I argue the kitchen to be tougher.  With bathrooms you have the shower, the sink and the toilet. Oh, the dreaded toilet, perhaps the toughest to clean because you want to clean every single inch of it. The kitchen has so many more distractions: cleaning the microwave, cleaning the stove, cleaning/organizing the refrigerator, washing dishes, cleaning the countertop and ultimately sweeping, then moping the floor.


The kitchen has so many amenities to it, thinking of where to start first can cause someone to rip out their hair, but choose what you think is most difficult and go from there. Now that the entire house is clean, everyone seems to think the home is to stay cleaned for a week.  Guess what if you live in your house; don’t expect it to stay sparkly clean.  Unless the house is empty, that’s the only way it’s going to stay clean; even then you’ll still attract dirt and dust.


So in conclusion, think of your home as your castle.  You want to keep it clean, but no house every stays immaculate without someone putting in the work.  So if one room is not super clean, do not beat yourself up, acknowledge it’s apart of owning a home.

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