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Love At First Sight
By Trevor Roberts
Jan 2, 2013 - 7:13:37 PM

UNITED STATES—Is love at first sight something that really exists?  Or is it more a case of lust at first sight?  Just exactly what is love?  It’s a term that is difficult to describe with words.  It’s more of a feeling.  Love is something that can’t be described; it’s a feeling that takes over your emotions, thoughts and behavior.  When you love someone, it’s a feeling that hurts to the core when it’s taken from you.


So that old age debate of whether love at first sight exists ushered its way into the office cooler room and got people talking.  I do indeed believe in love at first sight, but it’s more of attraction at first sight.  You notice something about the other person that is difficult to take your eyes away from.  You think about that person, day in and day out.  They have that lasting impression on you that is impossible to escape. 


I think that lust is a better word to use upon first impression.  We are indeed a society engulfed with looks; if we see an attractive person they will grab our attention. Whether it’s the person’s lips, eyes, nose, hair color, figure or face, something tantalizes our inner thoughts.  As we get to know that person more and more what first caught our attention becomes a distant memory.  The inner beauty of a person is incomparable to any looks that they may have.  When we say we love someone, it’s usually a trait about them that stirs the soul.  To describe those countless traits would be exhausting, but you get the picture. 


Some argue that only those of a certain age can truly understand the concept, the power of love, and I disagree with that argument.  Love comes in all shapes and sizes, so in all actuality there is no limit to the power of love. Love makes us do unthinkable things.  We’re not thinking with our brains, we react with what our heart tells us to do.  It makes one question which organ is more powerful, the heart or the brain?  Both are central to our survival. Without one you can’t live with the other.


The issue becomes just how does a person know love at first sight when they see it? Is it a foreshadowing of a life that one hopes to have with another mate?  In all honesty, I don’t think as a nation it’s a question we can answer.  If we were to speak with every single person to ask just what it was about the other person that was a signal of love at first sight, then we might have our answer. But the only way to validate that is to ask that question right after the feeling emerges.  Otherwise, those initial feelings may have fluctuated.  So love at first sight, it’s a myth that many of us believe to be true, but in the end no one really knows the truth.

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