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Music Mania
By LaDale Anderson
Jan 9, 2013 - 8:49:30 PM

UNITED STATES—What song is in your music playlist right now that you play whenever you need to get out of a bad mood?  We all have our favorites that lead to my discussion on the power of music.  It’s difficult to describe with words, but music moves us in a way that other forms of entertainment can’t.  Instead of us writing a letter or speaking the word to express our feelings we can just put on a song and it makes sense.  The musician takes the words right out of our mouth.

Taylor Swift

For me music is more than about hearing a great song, it’s about stabilizing my mood.  Let’s face it we all have bad days, some of us more than others.  Particularly when I’m having a tough day at work and I just need to escape from the rest of the world for about 5-10 minutes, putting on one of my favorite songs does the trick. Within a few minutes, someone who was quite angry to start has mellowed down.  That’s not the only reason I use music, its great when I work on to get the right mindset, as well as writing. 

Music is an instrument that I use quite often whenever I’m writing.  Rather it’s a story or a screenplay, a particular song places me in the right mood. If I’m writing something that is dramatic ballads tend to place me in the write mindset.  If I’m working on a story I’m cautious not to use music when I’m actually writing, but I will use it to get me in the zone. Music brings people together; all different cultures all ages.  It allows us to congregate and have a common interest in mind.  


We use music to socialize, to calm our nerves, to think and gather thoughts, to mourn, to play.  We use music for a lot of things and while so many underestimate its power, let’s be clear music has been around for a lot longer than people expected.  Whatever genre is your cup of tea, play it to the fullest.  When you’re not in the best of moods, you’ll be surprised how quickly that can change with your favorite jam.  Trust me I know!

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