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Sticking To Those New Year”™s Resolutions
By LaDale Anderson
Jan 3, 2013 - 7:03:12 PM

UNITED STATES—Every New Year so many of us make promises to tackle resolutions that we’d like to conquer.  Rather it’s to lose weight, to stop smoking, drinking, swearing, getting finances intact or some other goal.  Why is it so difficult to keep those resolutions that we set?  Its pressure, we’re constantly fighting to resist that temptation.  It’s something we have to constantly think about each day.  Can we fight that urge to grab that bag of potato chips?  Do we have the energy to get on that treadmill and run for an hour?  Someone is smoking around me and I’ve just gone cold turkey, however will I resist? 



The plan with any resolution is to look at it as a lifestyle change.  Don’t look at it as something temporary, because if it’s short-lived it’s likely to stay that way.  Another approach to ensure that you keep your resolution intact is to keep a journal.  Sometimes writing your thoughts down can be therapeutic for some.  Use something as a motivator to keep yourself striving towards accomplishing your goal.  You can choose to do rewards daily, weekly or monthly.  Whatever choice you make, ensure that you treat yourself for a job well done. 


If you happen to slip off the wagon do not completely give up.  There is still an opportunity for you to get back on the wagon and strive to complete your resolution. People have relapses, its apart of life, so push through it, never just cave in and give up. Keep your distance from people who may be entertaining a habit that you are attempting to kick.  If you’re attempting to stop smoking it’s not good to socialize around those that are smoking or if you’re not drinking alcohol this year, visiting the nightclub or places where alcohol is readily available is never a good idea.


I’ve recently kicked the habit of not drinking any carbonated drinks, particularly soda or pop depending on the region that you live in.  I’ll be the first to admit it; it’s been a daunting task.  Particularly because those cravings pop up every so often, especially when I have an arduous work day. A glass of soda relaxes me, but also re-energizes me to finish my work.  So my new best friend has become water.  Yes, water.  As much as I hate water, it’s so refreshing for the body and my mindset. I feel good knowing that I’m putting something into my body that is good for me versus something that is quite harmful. As long as I keep this habit going, I shouldn’t have any trouble not having pop the rest of the year. 


Another tactic to ensure that your resolution stays in tact is to surround yourself around positive energy.  Dismiss those negative people who are making jokes about your resolution and how difficult it’s going to be to keep that resolution in tact. 


The key to accomplishing any resolution or resolutions that you set is to remind yourself of what it is you want to accomplish, but set realistic goals for yourself. Never set goals so high that they’re unattainable to accomplish.  Things should be done in baby steps.  Slowly, but surely those baby steps help to push you that much closer to your goal.  If it’s something you truly want, nothing will stop you from conquering it.

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