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The Power Of A Good Walk
By LaDale Anderson
Jan 3, 2013 - 8:20:19 PM

UNITED STATES—For centuries we’ve been informed that a walk a day will keep the doctor away.  What is it about walking that is so healthy for the body?  Is it the process of clearing the mind or could it be the fact that we can use it as a form of exercise?  Perhaps both are answers. 

Walking is a good form of exercise. Photo courtesy of Facebook.


Walking is not just good exercise, but it places the mind at ease.  All those relentless worries that we have seem to go away.  Walking is good for stamina.  It allows a person to build strength in the legs, to gain agility (quick movements) and also to burn calories with having a strenuous workout. 


There are those who would compare jogging to walking, but those two exercises are not the same.  Jogging tends to implement an increased pace that stays consistent throughout. Jogging is not for everyone, especially those who have been out of the workout arena for quite some time.  So starting your exercise regimen without a walk which is a more healthy approach. 


Walk at your own pace.  Some people are indeed fast walkers, others not so much.  Never feel the need to adjust your walking regimen to fit someone else’s.  That’s brings me to the next point.  Walk with a partner.  I never recommend for anyone to walk alone, especially if you’re choosing to do so in the early morning hours when it’s still dark outside.  Have an intended goal in mind.  If you’re choosing to walk 1 mile, 3 miles or 5 miles, once you make that commitment stick to it.  As time progresses, you’ll find yourself increasing your walking distance as you find a comfortable groove. 


It’s important to wear the right attire when walking; as not wearing the right shoes can have detrimental effects on your feet and posture.  Also dress in loose clothing, but also clothing that keeps your body warm if you’re walking during the wintery months. So for those of you who have thought about talking a daily stroll down the street, at the park on whatever it may be, go for it.  Your body will thank you later!

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