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Too Much Television
By LaDale Anderson
Jan 9, 2013 - 8:48:02 PM

UNITED STATES—How long do you spend watching TV on any given day?  Is it an hour, three hours, four hours or eight hours?  Studies have shown that Americans spend way too much time glued to the television screen.  I’ll be the first to admit I may get 3-4 hours of TV Mondays-Thursdays, on the weekend, not much at all, I’m pretty exhausted. However, I know some people who can sit and watch TV for like 12 hours.  That’s a bore just thinking about it, unless you’ve been deprived of TV for so long you want to play catch up.

A family watching television circa 1958 (Credit: Evert F. Baumgardner / Wikimedia Commons)


For children its even worse, some kids will sit glued to the TV from 4pm-11pm.  That’s a full-time job some would say, the thought of going outside never even crosses the mind. The issue with TV is it has its pros and its cons.  For most of us we watch television to unwind, it allows us to take a break from all the chaos surrounding us.  For others, we use it as an excuse to not have to do something; we’re being lazy.


When it comes to children I’m not an advocate saying children should not be allowed to watch TV because I do not believe it’s fair.  Children should be allowed to watch TV, but in moderation.  There should be a balance between outdoor exercise and leisure time.  I recall when I was a child, TV was something we only we really watched on the weekend starting Friday night.  


Kids nowadays could care less about getting outdoors, with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and video games, who needs the good ole outdoors.  For some parents I can see their argument, as the area they live in it’s the best for children to congregate outdoors.  If true, make it possible to take them to an area where they can congregate with other children in a safe environment. 

Adults have to lead by example, by getting outdoors as well.  We must slowly pry ourselves from the TV to let our kids know they’re not missing anything, even if we think we are!

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