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Travel Tips: Germany
By Ryan J. Beard
Sep 13, 2012 - 12:17:17 PM

GERMANY—Germany is often overlooked when traveling to Europe. When tourist think of traveling through Europe often the first images that come to mind are Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the French Riviera, or the Coliseum, however, Germany has just as much to offer. Its cities are rich in history from the middle ages to World War II, its landscape is green and lush with clear blue skies, its food is filling, rich and delicious, its beer practically unmatched anywhere else, and its people warm, cheerful and friendly.


Of course Germany is recognized and visited most often for the yearly Oktoberfest. While there is lots of beer to drink, there is also delicious food, along with roller coaster and other carnival rides. If you are planning on visiting Oktoberfest, make sure you book your hotel or hostel as early as possible. By the time the festival starts every hotel and hostel in Munich will be booked. It is best to visit Oktoberfest on a weekday when the crowds are down. If you are visiting on a weekend and plan on getting into one of the Beer tents, it is necessary to reserve a table well in advance, otherwise you will need to get in line early in the morning. My favorite beer tent is the Augustiner tent. There are less tourist, and as long as you are friendly, willing to join into the festivities, and there to have an all around good time, the local Germans will be glad to share a toast as everyone sings “ein prosit!”

While Oktoberfest is unlike any other festival in the world, there is still much more to enjoy in Germany. A short train ride from Munich is the beautiful city of Nuremburg. Here enjoy one of the famous Nuremburger Sausages and take a hike to the medieval castle that looks over the city. From Nuremburg, the Alps are not far away. For a perfect day trip, visit the elegant Neuschwanstein Castle. The castle is nestled into the mountains looking over a lake below. This beautiful castle was the inspiration for the Disney Castle. Travel north and visit Berlin, a history buff’s paradise. The cultured city tells the tale of World War II and the years of Germany’s division that followed.

Of course I’ve barely scratched the surface of things to do in Germany. There are many more wonderful cities and attractions to visit. Above all though, Germany’s people make it worth visiting. Their hospitality will ensure your trip is enjoyed.


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