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Working Out When You Don”™t Want To
By LaDale Anderson
Dec 13, 2012 - 7:25:36 PM

UNITED STATES—Working out is not fun.  Its something most of us dread doing, even when we have the energy to do it.  So imagine after an exhausting day of work having to exercise.  It’s something that your mind easily tells you not to do, so for most of us we pass on the daily work out.  I know the feeling all to well, so I made it a goal of mind no matter what to get my daily exercise regimen of at least 30 minutes in each day.



The key to working out is to have a plan.  Pick a particular time each and everyday that you plan to work out.  By having a set time in places you in the right mindset.  It’s engrained in your memory at 3:30 p.m. I have a cardio workout, weight lifting, cycling, jogging, etc.  Whatever workout you chose is up to you, but get it done. 


Never work out on an empty stomach.  You must have some type fuel in your body to keep you going.  There is no good to working out if you pass out while doing it. Music is a great motivator while exercising.  Grab your iPod and groove to music that gets you amped, and keeps the blood flowing while you burn those calories. 


Never time your work out, by constantly checking your watch or looking at a clock you become more concerned just by getting the exercise over with versus completing an effective workout.  When your body tells you to stop that’s when you can stop.  Your mind will always tell you to stop, because some of us are mentally weak, but think of all the great things you’re doing for your body.  The nice physique, the energy that flows through the body, and the feeling that you get from a good workout cannot be expressed with words.


Of course no one should be working out seven days a week, but some people do indeed do so.  I would say 4-5 days of working out is efficient.  Of course you might have that day that you chose not to exercise and that’s fine, we all deserve a day of rest or two.  However, for all those other days do not allow yourself to slack off.  As we all know exercising has a surmountable effect on the body and your health.  There are more benefits to the burn then we think!

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