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New Suitcases To Rock Your Travel
By travel lifestylist Susan Michelle
Nov 21, 2009 - 4:54:15 PM

LOS ANGELES—A suitcase is one of those things you don’t buy too often: you might get your first nice one when leaving home for college, then maybe get a full set when you marry or start traveling for work, and then only replace those when they wear out.  Why invest any more money on something that just takes up precious space most of the year?

Live Luggage's 2012 Sports Bag

Because when you travel, your bag IS your house, on wheels—and you don’t live in a crack house, do you?  So, why carry one?  A suitcase that works well and looks its best makes you feel your best, and with luggage getting more high-tech and stylish every year, it’s important to stay with the times.  If you’re planning a trip anytime soon, consider taking one of these new carry-alls with you:

LIVE LUGGAGE: An anti-gravity handle creates a weightless feel when pulling this bag, and a “power assist” motor even helps push it up stairs and gradients.  Built-in umbrella, removable day and weekend packs, live locator ID and 100 percent recyclable materials make this a super-modern baggage choice.  $375-750.

Live Luggage's power-assisted Hybrid bags

DESTINATION BAG: For those planning a destination wedding, Wally Bags has created a special carry-on garment bag to fit a long, bottom-heavy wedding dress, plus three to four other garments, such as tuxedoes or bridesmaids’ dresses. The bag is fully lined, folds in three instead of in half, is wider at the bottom (for that huge train), and has a hanger system that keeps the gowns inside from falling.  $169.

VVEGO RAVVEN:  Choose your color, wheels and fabric to create your own “one-of-a-kind” carry-on, hand-made from aircraft-grade aluminum right here in America.  Designed by a pilot, unique features include a detachable magnetized mini-bag, a doctor’s bag-style opening, and a handle design that mirrors an airplane wing.  $2799 and up.

Live Luggage's Hybrid Suitcase

MAKE IT MINE BAGS: These suitcases have plastic “windows” into which you can stick a photo of your kids, your school team, or whatever/whomever you want to show off to the world.  $49.99-$99.99.

BRITTO COLLECTION: Brazilian-born artist Romero Britto has partnered with forward-thinking luggage manufacturer, Heys, to create gallery-quality art that’s also functional: i.e., a line of hard-sided suitcases featuring his signature, happiness-inducing artwork.  $200-$5000, depending on whether your suitcase is signed or unsigned.

Live Luggage's 2012 Sports Bag

VINTAGE BAGS:  These bags look like 19th-century, traveling salesmen’s carpet bags: Flower and butterfly tapestry designs, beautiful hand-beading and romantic, patterned lining—but, don’t be fooled; these totes have wheels, laptop padding, and all the modern bells and whistles required for the travelers of today.  $200-$300.

KIVA RACKLASH: A suitcase and roof rack cargo box in one, this framed duffle bag makes for easy access with its wide-mouth top opening, and attaches quickly to the roof of your car via internal, retractable bungees.  An accompanying weather guard keeps out rain and snow during your road trip; once you arrive at your destination, just slide the bag down and wheel it to your room.  $299.95.


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