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Top Three TV Show Addictions
By Winter Brooks
Dec 1, 2002 - 1:51:00 PM

kelly_osbourne.jpg Courtesy of Kelly Osbourne's Myspace page
Photo courtesy of Kelly Osbourne's MySpace page
HOLLYWOOD—Great shows, entertaining talent and great productions are what keep us talking at Canyon News' headquarters. Are you addicted yet? Give it a shot, and you just might be.




I must admit the only thing that got me to synchronize my limited time in front of the TV was the lead actor, Kiefer Sutherland. He seemed to attract my more-than-picky extremes during my pre-pubescent years. When we discussed who we thought were the best looking actors and I would respond with "Kiefer Sutherland," it was not uncommon to hear, "WHO?" Now, a decade later, the Golden Globe award-winning actor is known by just about everyone. He plays Jack Bauer, a somewhat bad-boy Federal Agent trying to protect the first African American President, David Palmer (played by an amazing actor, Dennis Haysbert). Some of Canyon News' staff was so involved, it was nearly a weekly conversation. However, the second season is a bit tiring because it seems like so much work to make it to the TV without missing an episode, every week, to go minute by minute. It seems as if there is not enough excitement in one hour anymore. The actors have all aged in one year and it is getting more difficult to believe it is still the same day. Also, they seem to pick actors that are difficult to tell apart. For instance, in the first year, it was near impossible to tell the difference between Nina Meyers, played by Sarah Clarke, and Teri Bauer, played by Leslie Hope. However long “24” will last, it is about time Kiefer receives the long-awaited, well-deserved credit for his outstanding acting skills.


“The Osbournes”


Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly, Jack and the pets are so entertaining to watch. If you give it a chance, you will find yourself unable to step away. The bad language leaves much to be desired; however their candidness is admirable. Kelly struts her style and seems so confident, which makes one think "Where did she come from?" In one interview, she stated that MTV wanted to chop off some weight during some photo shoot and she replied, "No, dont do that! I like myself the way I am!" How great is that? In a world of anorexia and deadly dieting, you have a beautiful lady that is comfortable with being of normal weight. Sharons diagnosis of colon cancer touched everyone at Canyon News. It is almost too hard to watch but they somehow keep season two rather light and entertaining.


“Anna Nicole Show”


Well, staff members at Canyon News will never admit to watching this one. Why? I dont know. I love it. Again, it is the reality of someone in the spotlight. I can definitely do without the gross talk and the sexual innuendos in every episode. It is almost like they are adding that in for higher ratings. However, getting to know someone we don't know through a TV show is so much more entertaining than all the silly dating shows. A fellow staffer said that this show is like a bad car accident that you cant stop watching. If that is the case, then I have a morbid curiosity. However, when we first delivered to Anna Nicoles house, we came across Kimmie, Annas purple-haired assistant, and Sweetie Pie, Annas onscreen dog, it was funny that the staff that claimed they never watched the show recognized them before I, a self-admitted addict, did. They were also able to recount an entire episode. So, I believe there are more than a few closet watchers of this show, because why else were the ratings so high?

If youve already found any one of these shows, you know why they are so addicting. If you havent, tune in and join TV-Addicts Anonymous along with us!

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