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Apple Can You Please Stop Updating!
By Trevor Roberts
Sep 15, 2013 - 3:42:57 AM

The new iPhone 5c.
UNITED STATES—I hate technology, no I really mean it, I hate technology. It appears every time you get your hands on a hot gadget and upgrade is being made that makes your gadget a thing of the past.  I’m sorry some of us don’t have hundreds or thousands of dollars to shell out for the latest gadget that has everyone buzzing.  On Tuesday, September 10, Apple unveiled its newest product for the latest iPhone set to hit stores in the coming weeks. 


The iPhone 5s and 5c which are expected to hit store shelves in the coming weeks.  The technology even embodies a fingerprint analysis system for security purposes.  I will admit that is a neat technique, but the cost of the phone is no different than the older models.  Gadget lovers will still spend about $200 for a 16GB phone with a two-year contract.  Yes, the dreaded two-year contract that continues to haunt so many of us. 


I mean come on, who really wants to be locked into a contract for such a long time span.  The new phones are color coded which is a new visual design.  Beyond those new amenities the phone isn’t that explosive where it must be a must-have in my opinion.


Rumor has it, that an updated iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 are possibly slated to be unveiled in the coming weeks, perhaps hitting stores by October. This is a gadget on my must have list.  As much as I want to have the updated piece of technology, I have considered going for the cheaper model if it’s available.  I’ve always been a tad late obtaining certain items of the technological arena.  I’m not looking to keep up with the masses, I’m happy with what I have.  Like I tell people day in and day out; the day that a phone can print then you have my attention. Until then as long as I can make phone calls I am happy with the gadget that I have. 


Just think about it. How much does the average American spend attempting to have the latest technology that has hit the media glitz? Hundreds perhaps think thousands! I remember when the iPod first arrive back in 2003; it was something that everyone wanted to have, including myself.  It wasn’t until 2008 that the gadget found itself in my possession.  I still spent the same amount when it originally came out; the only difference was I had the most updated model.  A year later, a new model came out.


Get ready to get in line and fork out some serious dough because the diehards have already begun to pre-order the device and will eagerly be waiting in line at the Apple Store when the device hits shelves.  There are some things that Apple just knows how to do right and that is to create major buzz.

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